Car Maintenance should pay attention to, the following four maintenance Is not necessary to do, do not spend money wasted

vehicle maintenance should pay attention to, the following four maintenance Is not necessary to do, do not spend money wasted! In our everyday life often hear thIs sentence, buying a Car Is easy to keep a Car difficult, although we all know, speed Is relatively fast social development, and people’s living standards overall are constantly upgrading them, even buy a Car also became very simple and very easy thing, so for many people, after buying a Car, for Car maintenance of knowledge Is also not particularly understand, so when it comes to Car maintenance problems when there are a lot of people are more confused, so most of them to be able to better their own vehicle maintenance, Will be directly to the 4s shop inside for maintenance, but maintenance time 4s shops to spend money inside It Is relatively small, but in fact some maintenance at all four no need to do maintenance.

The first Is the engine remove coke, then for many owners, they all know, the Car in use for some time after, the engine interior also Will produce some airports, then for these airports, it Will also affect the power of the Car, or even increase the Car’s fuel consumption, but they also have many owners thIs time, you Will directly to the staff sides of the four s store help solve, so it can effectively remove coke, but actually 4s shop staff inside the way they remove Carbon deposits Is also relatively expensive price, although the effect Is there, but it Is the role of micro almost minimal, so for Car owners, you may wIsh to run more than a few times, telling me it can achieve a good cleaning effect of coke.

The second aspect Is fully air-conditioned clean, in fact the Car in use for some time after, then for Car owners also can feel the air conditioning outlet air volume Is also not so great, or that the outlet Will produce some odor the case, then in thIs case, most of the people they Will be directly to the four-s side of the maintenance staff said the store look, then thIs when maintenance staff Will also recommend a project, also called the air conditioning thorough cleansing, heard the name when people think are also feeling relatively tall, in fact, such a complex maintenance projects, but also to spend a few hundred dollars are worth it, but for the maintenance itemsCurrently, a fact that Is put on the air filter, and then spray it perfume, in fact, if we own the company to do so, Will be able to save almost half the money.

The third aspect Is to sell fuel additive, then for a lot of 4s shop side, if customers go to Car maintenance when there are a lot of sales, but also would recommend directly to the owners of fuel additives, said that thIs thing Will be able to promote the power of the Car more powerful, or that can effectively clean up the Car of coke, the fuel additive basically Is in fact no need to buy, because the fuel additive its role Is simply not as good as they say, there are many owners think it Is a psychological effect, and directly buy, but in the process they found a real use of no effect, so that thIs thing Is not any necessary.

The fourth aspect Is the maintenance of tires, there are in fact in most of the four s store side also provides tire maintenance project, but for thIs maintenance almost no project Is necessary, then the process of tire maintenance, for a four s staff inside the shop, they Will be directly above the tire stones to pull out, then put the tires to wash, then play on a layer of wax, but we all know it was originally a tire that Is part of a consumable, if there Is damage, then we also can choose to directly replace, so that the insured Is almost completely unnecessary. So for the maintenance of more than four Car maintenance, almost no meaning, we do not need to spend money wasted.