Car Maintenance should be noted that these errors Do not enter, not to save money, or fuel consumption Will increase

vehicle maintenance should be noted that these errors Do not enter, not to save money, or fuel consumption Will increase! Although a wide variety of vehicles in our lives Is more, but Car travel Is a necessary means of transport, even a lot of people you Will find that their living conditions are also constantly upgrading them, then I buying a Car Is put on the journey, but there are also some people become owners, but in fact we all know that the Car Is part of a consumables.

buy a home at the moment, he Is also in constant consumption, even after a journey of Cars, then for Automobile aspect Is often emergence of a variety of small problems, so in normal use of the Car in the process, we also need to Carry out periodic maintenance of the Car, so it can extend the life of the Car, but there Is also a lot of people in the process of conservation some errors, so that we do not to save money, make their Car fuel consumption Is becoming increasingly high.

In fact, there are a lot of people Will find that we are also constantly been in the process of Careful conservation, but in fact they found in the Car after the conservation aspects Automotive fuel consumption actually increased a lot more than before, for thIs situation in the end Is how it happened? ThIs Is also a problem many owners are more troubled, and later dIscovered after the original master service through interpretation because it turned out to be caused by three reasons, then the rest Is to know about it.

In fact, we all know, when we bought the Car back from the shop side 4s, 4s shop for inside maintenance staff, and they Will tell we, our Car if traveling to the 5,000-kilometer time, also must Carry out regular repairs and maintenance, but then we really among the actual operation, we have not been waiting to go until the 5000 kilometers conservation, even travel directly to 7,000 or 8,000 kilometers, when our Car Will be directly related maintenance.

In fact, we 4s inside the shop when maintenance Is necessary to pay attention to oil changes, and if we are usingMineral oil, if directly in accordance with a theoretical argument Is necessary to replace a 5000 km, but if we say that oil Is the case, we can also look appropriate to extend fully synthetic motor oil Car oil to replace several kilometers, so that for the aspects of the oil it Is also very important, if we are not particularly been operating in thIs area, Will also affect our Car’s engine, so that there would be a corresponding increase in fuel consumption.

and later for vehicle maintenance, its fuel consumption Is constantly increasing, it Will probably be because the throttle Is with some of the larger relationship. But also because we do maintenance process, the throttle Will also make a relevant clean-up, and we all know that the Car in the long run, thIs part, it Will also be some internal Carbon , but in order to better be able to put all the eggs clean.

So for a throttle valve and must be opened wider, if we have in the course of maintenance of some of the maintenance staff they did not choke valve to adjust good, but he also kept opening Is relatively large, so that it Will also lead to us after Car maintenance fuel consumption Will be correspondingly increased.

But in addition to these, for Car owners, we are also necessary in the process of selecting some of the maintenance of good quality air filter, so for thIs part, then filter quality has been associated with protection, so that there Is so much Carbon does not appear, fuel consumption Will naturally much reduced.

In fact, we in good vehicle maintenance process for the maintenance staff a lot of people, they are in pursuit of their own interests, even to our Car replacement the spark plug Is not in the process of dIstribution of matching parts and spark plug inside the Car if to shorten the time, then, for the owners Is almost able to detect any problems, but then the spark plug during use, he and the original Car Is not quite a match, then we Will need to consume more fuel during the ignition of the ignition to make our Cars more successful, otherwIse, our Car groupThIs Is difficult to maintain the normal operating state.

So our Cars in the course of maintenance Is also necessary to note, if maintenance Is not in place, then we Will almost Car fuel consumption accordingly growth, and we do not save money in order to use some of the more inferior parts for vehicle maintenance in the process, so that the fuel consumption of our Cars Will also have some not so nice.

do not know how you think of it? Have you ever encountered these problems it welcomed the comments in the course of maintenance to explore in.