Car Maintenance should be in the end what frequency? Do not believe the business

Car maintenance every vehicle owner must face, but the time Is not reasonable Care who can do it.

Many owners for vehicle maintenance should be in the number of kilometers Is very vague, especially novice owners. For example, a vehicle every 5000km of mileage, the owner would immediately go 4S shop accordance with the requirements of service for maintenance to the Car. The 4S shop owners are often routine, in order to get more benefits.

all due respect seconds seconds, 5000km on maintenance time, for most of the Car Is concerned, a little too diligent.

While each vehicle’s maintenance manual maintenance time and there Will be a few kilometers of the requirements, but the 4S shop Will have its own requirements. Some of the maintenance manual and consIstency, some not, how long do we maintain a Car? Today sec seconds to address thIs Issue, and we find out.

First, the current quality of domestic oil and air filter of view, 5000km to maintain a bit wasted. Repair line of business in the master understand thing, in general, about 8000km Is more appropriate.

Second, the current Auto industry Is already highly developed technology, the quality of the parts of the Car in all aspects are not so vulnerable. Automobile manufacturers, not only to making Cars, but also on the durability test vehicle, etc., and even the door switch requires numerous tests.

For example, for how long or how many kilometers a vehicle needs maintenance time, what level grade oil used, what the density of butter, brake oil, too, Is done N multiple tests and experiments. The final conclusion Will appear on our maintenance manual, according to the manufacturer and the owner of the advice given to maintenance Is absolutely no problem. You can read the Car’s manual, there are certainly above the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance intervals, some 8000km, some 10000km, and even some 15000km.

In practice, the owner of the Car does not need to maintain strict accordance kilometers or time required to do, you do not need the Card must not exceed a few kilometers. Because 5000km or six months also just about numbers, can guarantee that thIs time or the number of kilometers of oil Is absolutely no problem. So in practice, about 5000km, about half a year, a little over or a little less Is of no effect.

Therefore, owners should remember to analyze specific Issues! Different models require different brands, different manufacturers maintenance cycle Is different, such as German Cars in general are serviced once a 8000km-10000km, Japanese may be maintained once 5000km-7000km. So, how long maintenance, look at the manual!

Why 4S shop maintenance 5000km say again? Very simple ah, in order to make money ah!

4S shop owners Will tell a little bad domestic Car environment, the need to shorten the mileage and maintenance; and the owner said, or direct, if not required to 4S shop maintenance there may be out of warranty. You simply Will not worry about thIs, because in the new “motor vehicle maintenance regulations”, the first chapter of Article V clearly defined, shall have the right to choose Care repair service operators for maintenance. In addition to Automobile manufacturers fulfill defective Auto product recall, foreign Car quality “three guarantees” responsibility, no unit or individual may compel or force in dIsguIsed form designated maintenance operators.

simple point, that can not be expensive 4S shop maintenance and repair, which Is the law.

Finally, we Will go over that again two cases which may extend several kilometers or maintenance time:

1. are open every day of the particularly large number of consecutive day travel several hundreds of kilometers, and high-speed majority. Or run a long dIstance, has traveled thousands of kilometers at high speed, it Is possible to extend the mileage of maintenance. Because high-speed conditions, the loss of the oil life Is very small, much smaller than the urban traffic congestion, extended mileage and maintenance Is not a problem, the original 5000km maintenance, Is now available7,000.

2. Also in the first case the contrary, very open every day, or once a few days. ThIs Is mainly to see the time interval, it Is best to do as six months time, most secure, and occasionally extended a month or two Is not a problem. But if upgraded oil, with a better all-synthetic motor oil, but also can extend the maintenance time, a lot of synthetic oil a year’s time interval Is not a problem, which Is serviced once a year.

These are some experience for everyone summary of seconds seconds, have questions or need help please leave a message of the owner, must first second seconds time to answer your questions! Of course, if the owners want to share the experience, you can also tell seconds seconds Oh!