Car Maintenance should be how to do? After reading you Will know how to maintain a car

Every Car has thousands of parts, the process Is essentially just a sophIsticated machine equipment, from the date of shipment of it, Is a constant loss, if the owner’s driving habits Is not good, and be Careful not to Car maintenance, ranging reduce the life of the Car, heavy security rIsks occur, threatening the safety of the vehicle occupants.

In fact, every Car factory Will be shipped with a maintenance manual, as long as the consumer-related parts and components in accordance with the maintenance manual maintenance or replacement on time it, but, there are many users do not remember their own regulations on the maintenance manual, go to the maintenance and no maintenance, thIs time Will result in a bad influence on their Car.

some maintenance of common parts The figure Is or replacement cycle, it should be noted that different manufacturers of Cars, or with manufacturers of a variety of price points Automobile, maintenance cycle, there Will be no small difference, said just basic maintenance cycle on the map. Users should Carefully check your user manual maintenance, or communicate with riders, to determine their own maintenance time.

Normally, we should go to Auto 4S shop for maintenance, especially in the Automotive warranty. Because the 4S shop used parts and oil are in accordance with manufacturer standards, technical force general, would be better than the outside repair shops and maintenance would have a relevant maintenance records for the condition of the vehicle Will be more clear in heart.

However, many 4S stores also have some money pit project or routines, users should beware of themselves, to avoid themselves deceived.

First, do not project

too much maintenance cleaning many Auto 4S shop staff, in you go to maintenance, that they Will advIse you what to clean the throttle, oil, coke, air-conditioning system are, sometimes serious coke release some of the Car’s picture to sCare you,In fact, these are part of the cleaning do can not do the behavior. Because gasoline has now cleaner than before a lot of throttle, oil, coke basically not necessary to wash, if you have to wash, to 30,000 km for a period of time to do it, 5000 kilometers call you clean, that Is, close your IQ taxes, cleaning fees because they do not lower.

As for cleaning the air conditioning system Is actually very simple, he usually can DIY, because the use of air cleaner on it, if you do not get their own , the repair shop to run outside, half an hour to seal the deal, charges than the Auto 4S shops also much less. If the air filter exchange diligent, not cleaning Is also possible.

Second, do the tire maintenance

now many Automobile 4S stores have so-called tire maintenance program Is basically to help you wash the tires, and tires marked with a layer of wax. The project charges a lot of money, but part of the project basically useless, just let your tires look more clean some of it. As one of the tires on the Car are very durable components, check there are no stones and hard objects embedded in the tread in on it before their usual Car, you want to look clean water to wash their take on the line.

However, the tire wear problems fear Is, if the tread of the tire substantially polIshed, wear identifier or below, should be replaced immediately. Or, the emergence of the tire Is punctured, but also replaced immediately.

Third, the replacement of parts not manufacturers authentic

Auto parts inevitably aging, sometimes Will involve the Issue of replacement parts, but the consumer should keep your eyes open at thIs time, because obviously some Auto 4S shops told you Is the replacement of original parts, turned and took a lower price of cottage accessories manufacturers to put to you, even worse, some also take used parts, refurbIshed partsTo give you a replacement.

Therefore, when the replacement parts to be performed, the user Is viewing the field, to check or replace parts, appearance, packaging and manufacturers, etc., to confirm whether the original parts. Never too much trouble, you can take yourself down for parts, to prevent secondary use.

Fourth, stealing “oil” or let you advance replacement of oil

oil are among the most common Car consumables, basically every time maintenance must change. But everyone knows, many Automobile 4S stores have also spotted thIs piece of fat oil. Means they usually use Is stolen “oil”, your original Is a good oil sucked a little, a new one Is to give you time to add a little oil, a little each time such a 0.5L, you are not looking at the next I would not know. So, when it comes to changing the oil, you’d better be the overseer in the next.

oil changes there Is a more common problem Is that the staff Will let you change the oil in advance, saying that “in advance of the change the Car better, “but in fact now have a good quality oil, to be replaced in accordance with the instructions on the replacement cycle on it, and, usually oil than you imagined but also durable, a late replacement nor one thousand kilometers to go there Will be any problem.

Of course, Auto 4S shop there are a lot of routines, such as a small part of the problem call you replace the entire assembly, chaos call it a day when the fee, saying that good maintenance projects simply do not do the sort of question …… the lIst goes on, all you really want to write out a voluminous have never finIsh. On the one hand they have to be vigilant consumers, on the other hand also remember that word of mouth to find a good repair shop or Auto 4S shops in order to ensure that he Will not spend hard-earned money but did not get the corresponding service.