Car Maintenance should be appropriate! Someone who reminded the four maintenance as little as possible

For many owners now, worked hard to save money to buy a good Car in hIs mind, of course, we should doubly Care, so often there Will be excessive vehicle maintenance problems, people come here to remind we, Car maintenance should be appropriate, the following four kinds of maintenance to minimize the use, maintenance Is also an excessive damage to the Car.

the first one to say that oil Is, in fact, a lot of people Will open four or five thousand kilometers, it Is going to change the oil, but in fact thIs Is not necessary, If fully synthetic motor oil, then pulls open 10,000 kilometers of oil, never too late. Also open to 5000 km when the oil Is almost time to play the best performance, thIs time to change the oil Is really a big loss.

The second Is to clean up the oil, and oil change similar problems, also need to clean up the oil regularly. But really there Is no need to clean up the oil too frequently, and for catalytic converters, it also has varying degrees of damage, and the more the number of clean-up, the greater the damage.

The third Is the wax. To some extent, waxing can effectively prevent corrosion and damage Car paint, it has a great positive effect, but the number of waxing should not be too much, basically once or twice a year, almost can , so not only can guarantee the Car paint in good condition, but also can reduce maintenance frequency and save a lot of money.

The last one Is the use of fuel additives. In fact, thIs additive Is optional, although claiming to be able to reduce fuel consumption, increase power output, but thIs Is also a way to increase the wear and tear of the engine, the engine Will likely cause great burden, indeed somewhat cost-effective. So we can not try to do some maintenance, but be sure to limit the number of times, which Is a kind of protection for the Car itself.