Car Maintenance, said small maintenance and major maintenance are what?

Is an important part of keeping a Car Car life, the saying goes Cars by raIsing seven one-third by repair, to develop what kind of Car owners depend on different ways of keeping a Car. Some not very old Car, condition Is like using the same seven or eight years, and some are larger than the age of the Car owners, condition Is like using a couple of years and almost new Cars.

Some Car owners, especially the female owner of the Car maintenance do not understand, as a member of the Automotive community to understand some basic maintenance accessories little knowledge Is still very necessary, so today we it Is to talk about related topics, reading can also increase our knowledge of vehicle maintenance.

in general we are talking about basic maintenance into a small maintenance and major maintenance are two, thIs Is the kind of argument convention, small maintenance generally refers to the replacement of engine oil and oil filter, major maintenance Is based on the small maintenance adds a air filter and air filter. Of course, different Car brands after-sales maintenance system Is unique to the call, for example, called A and B protection insurance in the Mercedes-Benz, in fact, with a small maintenance and major maintenance similar.

Of course, in addition to the oil filter, the same need to check each maintenance using each of the remaining life of wearing parts, such as tires, brakes, etc. brakes, in principle, these consumables are based on actual usage to decide whether to replace, and some stores Will use the time to determine whether or not to replace, of course, thIs Is not strict, do not advocate thIs standard.


That engine lubricating oil has a role:


secondary cooling down

cleaning cleaning

leakproof seal

rust corrosion

for shock absorption

thIs Is oil common label, let’s look at the meaning of thIs label.

5: reliable cold start point. The 5 equal subtracting 35 ℃ -30 ℃, the oil can ensure a smooth start of the engine at thIs temperature.

W: Winter (Winter)

40: the oil kinematic vIscosity at 100 ℃, the higher the value the higher the vIscosity.

5W or 0W oil Is the most common. Under normal circumstances, the Japanese Car universal low kinematic vIscosity oils (such as 5W-30,0W-20, etc.), German Cars generally applicable high kinematic vIscosity oils (such as 0W40,5W40, etc.).

The lower

The kinematic vIscosity, vIscosity at normal engine operating temperatures more “dilute”, relatively more fuel-efficient. But low kinematic vIscosity engine oil Is not suitable for high temperature, high temperature oil Is too “lean” can cause poor adhesion, lack of lubrication, increased engine wear. Therefore racing and superCar Will use high vIscosity oil, such as 50 or more vIscosity oil.

API (American Petroleum Institute) Is an acronym for the American Petroleum Institute. “S” series represents the beginning of a gasoline engine oil; at the beginning of “C” series represents a diesel engine oil. Significance S or later Is indicated by the letter C; the “SA” up to “SM”, each increment letter A, the oil Will have more oil prior to the performance of the engine Will be superior protection additive.

The most common Is a fully synthetic motor oil SN grade or general level SL.

common oil brand, what does? Roughly explain.

Royal Dutch Shell Is the world’s largest oil company, Is headquartered in London and The Hague, the Netherlands, the Royal Dutch Shell and BritIsh Petroleum companies merged to form. Gray shell (ULTRA) Is our common Shell products.

Exxon Mobil, an American petroleum and petrochemical company, its products Mobil 1 (domestic called “Golden Mobil”) better performance.

BP Castrol Is one of its sub-brand, Volkswagen (VOKLSWAGEN) brands, Volkswagen original oil supplied by Castrol. Its products are very excellent protection performance.

The above three brands in the domestic market occupies a higher amount, also on the international market mainstream brands, the vast majority of 4S shops and service stations are provided at least one of the above products. Here then are some other oil brands.

Würth company was founded in Germany in 1945, are the industry pioneer in building materials, tools, chemical industry, its products SYNTH A 0W-40 fully synthetic oil for the four types of base oil (PAO) refined, superior performance.

In recent years, the German domestic market share of the oil brand Is the highest power of magic, into the United States a short time, its energy-based products total synthesIs of the same four base oil refining Is its product line of top oil.

France Mott lubricants, founded in 1853, Mott 8100 X-MAX for its flagship product oil.

Total headquarters in ParIs, France, the flagship product for the very Chi series.

Enzo Is a US oil company in the country relatively small minority, and packaging capacity of quarts (quart) units, in particular, need to fill such oil check the dipstick scale.

Fox oil, Germany brand, low market share.

the basics of oil have been introduced over, the way a few words:

1 oil filler too much can cause internal engine running resIstance. too large, power down.

2. The alarm lamp unit Is not necessarily due to a lack of oil changes, the oil quality of the lamp Will lead to an alarm unit.

3. In fact, differentNo big difference between brands of oil, there Is no oil technology far ahead of the company, with the price of oil Is roughly equal strength.

4. Determine the oil Is genuine, Is the top priority, with really prefer mineral oil, synthetic oil nor can fake whole, remember!

The oil filter

When we replace oil, oil filter (referred to as filter) Is also Also it needs to be replaced, if poor quality filter machine, engine damage and the use of fake engine oil Is no different. Function

filter machine:

From the oil filter out dust, metal particles produced by abrasion, soot particles and Carbon black

3- 25 microns to intercept all oil particles

to reduce the number of wear particles can penetrate the film, to prevent the internal engine wear


1 needs to apply oil to the seal during installation thereof spin filters:]

two common machine filter. then install it.

2. Note that the replacement sealing gasket, the gasket should be the same in the oil painting filter installation.

only requires the presence of impurities in the oil filter to the oil filter, oil impurities are mainly two reasons:

mechanical wear debrIs generated within the engine.

impurity (typically Carbon) after the combustible mixture combustion, through the pIston up the pIston ring to the impurities present in the inner space of the oil, the oil pollution.

ThIs Is also the reason Why the oil after use of black.

The air cleaner

produce much impurities combustion, there Is a very important factor Is whether a mixed gas during combustionClean air entering the interior of the engine Is needed filtered, the filtered air cleaner of the engine Is called an air cleaner, referred to as the air filter.

unqualified air filter can lead to many problems:

1 impede engine intake, resulting in insufficient power, the engine shake.

2. Poor filtration, increased impurities into the engine, increasing engine wear, to accelerate the deterioration of oil quality.

3. After the high temperature melt seal colloid, pollution port and throttle member and the like.

Maintenance Replacing the air filter usually every recommendation in harsh environments, such as Libya, India and California. Normally a maintenance intervals recommended replacement.


of a variety of air filter, air filter used in arctic regions Is slightly different.

air filter

Is an air cleaner for filtering air entering the engine, and the vehicle need to take fresh air into the same space, especially in the United States need to pay attention to thIs environment ……

passenger space in the fresh air at the closed windows of the situation, mainly by the air-conditioning vent enter, even if the air conditioning at 0 stalls, there Will be a small amount of air into the Car, which Is the manufacturer deliberately designed, fully enclosed space Is dangerous.

coming from the air conditioning vent air, the air conditioning filter (referred to as the air conditioning filter) to be responsible for purification, air-conditioning filter Is recommended every six months or interval of customers maintenance once again be replaced.

Generally a lower air conditioning filter located copilot glove box, some high-end models with an external air conditioning additional filter, its role Is pre-filtered air in a larger impurities.

replace the air conditioning filter for long periods can lead to serious Car smell.

To summarize: normal IThey said three filter refers to the oil filter introduced today, air filter, air filter three. And they are to replace oil as the most frequent maintenance accessories.