Car Maintenance records check

must first figure out a question: Why should check 4S vehicle maintenance point of maintenance records?

First we look at the maintenance log records are generally long-sawed:

from the map see, thIs report shows that information Is very detailed, each time to shop, mileage, maintenance work content. Even as thIs small program I developed can analyze the information from the report recorded a condition of the vehicle problems, help avoid common white Car accidents, flooded Cars, fire trucks and other serious problems.

So the question Is, Why do we go to check out the Car’s maintenance record it?

ThIs Is to say second-hand Car preservation problem. In the used Car market, a Car accident and Is not a normal condition of a used Car on the market

Is in hot demand. In the eyes of Car dealers What Is the best condition it? Some are lIsted below:

time doing maintenance 4S no accidents, no serious fire condition within a reasonable range of several kilometers. As the vehicle Is not really what small problems, Car dealers actually do not Care about ordinary white can not be the first time be able to check into.

To demonstrate the Car dealer perfect condition, they usually bring up the 4S shop vehicle maintenance records to the customer, “You see, a perfect record, full 4s shop maintenance, the best condition.”

So when the report of a Car repair and maintenance records of the “perfect” when the vehicle Is also valuable, of course, sell better.

so … For Car owners, do as much as possible in the 4S shop maintenance, professional people to do professional things.

Car dealer when the Car Is also close 4S Will definitely check out records, to avoid the rIsk of closed Car, avoid receiving the Car accident, the transfer table and other vehicles.

because a lot of friends around Is engaged Car dealer used Car deal, so the spare time to do a query tool for them to use. If you have needs in thIs area, then the direct search applet in the micro-letter “4S shop Car maintenance records check,” you can find me thIs tool, there are problems in use, please contact me Oh, certainly all know at any time , its attitude