Car Maintenance Raiders, novice owners are worth learning!

With the increasing popularity of Cars, Car maintenance also began to be everyone’s concern. However, Car maintenance involves many parts on the Car. We also spend money to repair Car repair places most do not understand. Here we prepared a little like vehicle maintenance policy for each person.

Automobile oil Is the focus of our routine maintenance, such as engine oil, brake fluid, transmIssion oil, steering assIst oil. They are used for holding the working conditions between the respective systems, and play a role in lubrication, cleaning and protection of various parts work. There coolant, battery water and water glass. Usually when maintenance should also pay attention to whether the water level in the horizontal line. If less, you should timely supply. Finally, it should be noted that oil filters, air filters, fuel filters and air filters. Remember that their replacement cycle, and replace them in the specified time period.

little maintenance, vehicle maintenance Is generally Carried out in a very short time interval, such as the last time was more comprehensive major maintenance, thIs Is a small maintenance, small maintenance generally only need to replace the oil and oil filter can be.

for the overhaul, the overhaul interval Is relatively long, each overhaul project does not, the price Is not the same. The main interval of 40,000 km maintenance usually requires relatively comprehensive maintenance.

Summary: vehicle maintenance Is the most important thing Is easy to wear accessory of some vehicles. Understanding of vehicle maintenance strategy, maintenance-yourself.