Car Maintenance project: the most comprehensive lIst of maintenance! Early morning clear understanding not pit! You see pie

pie understand the Car

does not produce vehicles

only luxury Car hauler

open seven by one-third by raIsing, for Car maintenance to keep the vehicle state, to eliminate safety hazards, Is extremely important. In the process of maintenance, there are projects which do it? Look to avoid being pit.

1, replacing oil

First, the oil

fully synthetic motor oil: synthetic oil has better high temperature performance, longer drain intervals and for worse the Car, the luxury performance Car for use around 10000-12000 km replacement.

semi-synthetic oil: semi-synthetic oil replacement cycle Is generally about 8000-10000 km, moderate price and performance.

Mineral oil: ThIs type of oil Is generally about 5,000 km need to be replaced.

Second, the antifreeze

antifreeze coolant can be prevented from freezing during cold winter season frost damage the engine and radiator Splitting a cylinder block

1, antifreeze use period of 2 years or 40,000 km.

2, every six months during the shelf-life need to check the liquid level, make up to the normal range.

3, before expiration antifreeze completely replaced once.

4, note that different brands and different types of non-mixable with antifreeze.

Third, the brake oil

does not change brake oil for a long time, it becomes cloudy brake oil, It Will gradually absorb moIsture in the air, to the boiling point graduallyWill gradually become low, it can easily lead to brake failure.

to replace the time

brake fluid Is generally two years or sixty thousand kilometers, preferably not more than three years to be replaced once, also mentioned the Car manual wIse to follow the manual Claim.

Fourth, boost oil

time period: 3 years mileage cycle: 100000Km

five , transmIssion oil

Automatic transmIssion Cars: generally 4-6 with 2 years or more than ten thousand kilometers replace one. The specific need to see the traveling situation, if the vehicle in gear and smooth, transmIssion noIse little change, can not change; appear jerky if the vehicle shift, the speed of over 100 km, the transmIssion noIse Is significantly larger, it might prompt you the need to replace the engine oil.

a manual transmIssion Car: manual transmIssion vehicle technology Is mature, low failure rate, high reliability, usually three years or 60,000-80,000 kilometers per travel on to replace the gearbox oil.

Sixth, the differential oil

Differential oil: Generally, no differential lock the differential Is not need to replace the differential oil, the need to replace periods in accordance with the requirements of the models on their own maintenance manual and replace.

2, parts replacement

a, filters, air filters, air conditioning filter (three filters)

1, oil filter, the oil Is the same

2, air filters, period: 1 year; mileage period: 10000km

3, air filter, the time period: 1 year; mileage period: 20000km

Second, the fuel filter

built-in fuel filter, the replacement cycle of substantially 5 years or 100,000 km;

external gasolineFilter replacement cycle Is approximately one year or 10,000 km.

Third, the spark plug

ranging from spark plug life at 20,000 kilometers to 150,000 kilometers, Why not wait? With individual driving situations spark plugs and quality and so on.

nickel alloy spark plug: 2-30000 km

platinum spark plugs: 3-50000 km

bIs platinum spark plugs: about 100,000 km

ruthenium spark plug electrode:: about 80,000 km

iridium spark plugs 150,000 km about

Fourth, brake pads

in fact, the brake pad without a certain time needs to be replaced, the specific need to check the brakes wear pieces. Typically, the Car normal use, the service life of brake pads in front of 30,000 kilometers, then brake pad life of 60,000 km, and some can be used to 80,000 km or even 100,000 kilometers.

Five batteries

Under normal conditions, regardless of battery it Is maintenance-free or ordinary batteries, are in the normal cycle 2 – about three years, if relatively poor habits, time Will be reduced, if the usage Is good, save our open, use about four years.

Six tires

tire replacement cycle Is 5 years or 80,000 km, it Is recommended tire rotation at the 40,000 km. If you travel a road in poor condition it Is appropriate to shorten the replacement cycle, in order to determine the degree of tire wear as the main basIs.

These are among the common Car maintenance projects, or specific to the use of manual and Auto prevail, ThIs article only for reference.