Car Maintenance pits those, you have managed to avoid it? There are a lot of people Will be ignored!

the popularity of the Car, brought to people’s lives convenient, Think before catch bus, catch the train of the day, and what a bitter, basic Car now spread to many families, home or work even more the convenient.

Cars like people are needed maintenance, but a lot of projects and maintenance of the name, we are forced to look ignorant, what Is not clear in the end the project. Many 4S shops also rely on extra Care to make money. Think about that time, in order to better Car for their own services, we lIsten to the 4S shop flicker, do not need a lot of maintenance project, check out a look at the bill, the heart in the blood.

we have to take stock of what those maintenance items can not be done.

1 Car wash oil, thIs Is a lot of owners Will have to do the project, but many owners do not know Is how to do thIs project in the end, a lot of 4S shop Is to add bottles of fuel additives, or make a bottle, the oil Is cleaned, not the root of thIs effect. But the price Is not cheap.

rust treatment member

2 nacelle. A lot of Car owners, a noun, Is it gonna give me a coating or painting? In fact, many owners want to be wrong, a bottle of rust inhibitor Is solved, you know the truth, read the price Is not the heart cool.

3 ThIs Is a lot of owners Will do, that Is, Carbon cleaning, the cleaning and the first oil Is very similar, that’s a lot of 4S stores Will do, playing bottle, as to the effect, that Is very weak, the real Carbon cleaning, Is the need for specialized equipment, or removed, so the price Is high, the Car has a positive Carbon can not be avoided, if not serious enough to shake severe or unstable idle, generally do not have to be too concerned about.

4 ThIs Is Xiao Bian said today the focus, the general Car maintenance Is the first insurance 4S gift, but many owners are first after Paul had casually find a repair shop or roadside shop ,, no problems on and nothing had happened, if there are problems, 4S shops and Auto manufacturers are not the tube, if the Car Is a 3-year warranty, Not to the warranty, be sure to do maintenance on the proposal or a large repair shop in the 4S shop to do maintenance, be sure to maintain regIstration, activIst Ye Hao after treatment, do not be cheap, the quality problem difficult to solve!

These are the small series of personal opinion, I welcome comments and dIscussions, we can talk about.