Car Maintenance only know how to do an oil change, which Is also a key at 5, I did not know a few people!

vehicle maintenance not only know how to change the oil, which Is also a key at 5, I did not know a few people!

Today, the number of Cars can be said that more and more, but the use of the Car in which the process because I believe many people Will not know eat a lot of losses also gone through a lot of detours . On Car maintenance such as thIs, it Is now a lot of 4S shop garage and very routine, there Is no way to identify the owners who are in many cases good and bad, but some people only know how to maintain the Car changing the oil, the rest do not Care. ThIs proposal owners, Car maintenance only know how to do an oil change, which Is also a key 5, a few people I did not know!

First: transmIssion oil. The thing I believe most of the white owners are not known for thIs gearbox have owners who are to be replaced in accordance with sixty thousand kilometers as the standard. The price cheaper to replace manual transmIssion, Automatic transmIssion Cars replace the gearbox oil prices more expensive than the manual transmIssion!

Second: Cage sleeve. Cage set thIs thing for the Car above gimbal played a role in the protection of thIs thing because it Is rubber material, the use of a long time and it Will appear hardening cracking phenomenon, once cracked, it Will enter the water as well as dirt universal joint inside. Can not be lubricated universal joints, then there Will be abnormal sound when using the vehicle!

Third: braking system. For brakes thIs thing many owners feel that the brakes can be used on the line without checking, in thIs case the owner can only say that there Is too much heart thIs idea. If you do not check the brake system Is functioning properly, then one day soon whether to use the brakes on a silly face!

Fourth: clean deposits. For Carbon thIs thing many owners are concerned about everyone, but you know what thIs Carbon Will cause the engine to work in poor state, high power consumption becomes deteriorated significantly speed edge jitter becomes unstable because these are caused by Carbon deposition, so He said Carbon cleaned once every thirty kilometers necessary!

Fifth: the tire. Regularly check tire appearance and tire pressure Is necessary, if the owners loveVehicles with tire pressure monitoring function, then it must be utilized, Gesanchaiwu relied check the tire pressure Is normal. If you do not normally necessary and timely qi otherwIse there Will be a puncture phenomenon, and tire wear also become large, resulting in the replacement tire cycles! For those vehicles not equipped with low tire pressure detection function, it Is recommended that owners spend hundreds of dollars to buy a couple of tire pressure monitoring cap, thIs thing just screwed tire tire pressure above normal can not know the color shown above normal, Is not only convenient but also simple.

more than 5 have to say thIs place we must remember that maintenance and inspection, because they are also very critical place, only know how to do Car maintenance oil change, for thIs 5 maintenance true that few people can know all, owners must keep that in mind inside!