Car Maintenance – oil


Car owners in the maintenance of their Car, it must be Note that the oil in the transmIssion of the dIsease! ! !

First, the original oil Is really original?

original oil really Is the original do? NO! In the 4S shop to do maintenance, what to ask and oil, maintenance technician or service consultant Will answer your own Car: Advanced original oil provided by the manufacturer. Original oil, feels really professional, but in fact, no Car manufacturers can produce oil, but by other well-known oil companies OEM production, original oil, Is the owner of the factory restrictions tool only, but it there are many owners to defeat at the “original” word.

Second, the more money you can use a good oil?

in the 4S shop to spend more able to use a good oil? Not necessarily. Let customers into the shop typically, the owner can see the situation of the workshop in the lounge and saw the maintenance process their own Car, but it does not affect the maintenance of the master play tricks on the Car: plus oil money to buy high-end real plus time plus the lower end of oil; drain and hold the net, provincial point of the oil out to sell, as the injury does not hurt the Car? Who Cares, but not their own.

Third, good quality oil 4S shop with?

4S shop motor oil Is a good oil? wrong! 4S stores are generally employed to meet the low end of the oil manufacturer standards, no problem was added to the Car, but the low-end contrast good mineral oil synthetic oil, the most obvious problem Is a weak function of wash oil, sludge, causing their results maintenance cycle Is short, poor operating conditions of the engine, Carbon deposits Will be more, thus affecting engine life. I want to make good oil higher level? Service advIsor Will often tell you: add money.


Fourth, the oil can be anti-counterfeit label anti-counterfeiting?

anti-counterfeit label can identify the authenticity of the oil? Not necessarily. “Excellent work” fake machine oil drums, lids, boxes and are packaged with genuine oil production, the above numbers, security readily available, the phone can not find the authenticity. And thIs Is usually not the oil filling low-grade oil, only use the low-level regular oil vat-packing dIsguIsed as a high-level oil, or oil acts as a first-tier manufacturers with second-tier manufacturers of profiting from oil, basically no owners which can separate the gap. Dry filling a small workshop, make a year Land Rover Is not a problem.

Fifth, far away from their own fake oil, never quite found?

These false oil which are sold? Which has. US oil major Is a major producer of Tianjin, Zhuhai, Zhejiang, and many fake oil also came from there, and some fake Car engine oil Will obviously hurt, others hurt in the invIsible Car. Oil monomer of false shop, 4S shop Is also not very clean, all these years due to the 4S shop operating in poor condition, some of 4S stores have begun to fight the idea of ​​oil, the current situation seems good oil well, totally operators “conscience”.

may be a lot of owners do not Care about the gap between the cost of keeping a Car down that much, but also do not Care because limited impact on the quality of oil for their Cars those differences, but we should on maintenance of blinded unclear zero tolerance of their own money! Car owners, please keep their eyes open, be Careful of keeping a Car