Car Maintenance must know three things, you know a few?

For Car owners, the Car often have maintenance vehicles.

However, with regard to the maintenance of three vehicles “hidden rules” you know?

a. Important maintenance, preferably more Kanji Yan

now Car maintenance, either 4S shop or garage, there Is a lot of black-hearted boss, always play tricks on maintenance, such as maintenance can save on eliminating, oil shoddy, stolen for parts and other phenomena, if you 4S shops or steam repair works do not trust, do not patronize the smoke tea in the lounge, more to the maintenance workshop run several times, avoid black-box operation.

II. Refused passion, abandon unnecessary maintenance

In general, according to the maintenance manual maintenance Is not be wrong, but the maintenance process, the technician Will let you do some warm maintenance, such as tire maintenance on other not on the lIst, playing bottle clean Carbon deposits ah, etc., then you have to reject passion, not by others flattering words flicker smug, let people do what to do, to know that people value your wallet!

Therefore, to give up some non-essential maintenance items that are not on the lIst, can save a lot of money.

III. Minor illness Care

ThIs routine Is more common routines, up to you to say free testing, and then you say that some of these abnormal sound like a small brake problems, if not to a comprehensive maintenance, road hazard exIsts, some owners Will lIsten to hear the dangerous maintenance technician suggested smoothly on the sets, thIs time maintenance may have to spend a lot of money.

Well, Automobile maintenance industry “hidden rules” a lot, you have what Is a pit experience? Please leave a message to share.