Car Maintenance must know the little secret 10

longstanding, the Car does not look always pull the wind, began to creak open up Shally thIs time you have to do something (perhaps do a lot) to make thIs situation has improved. The owners are always a lot of maintenance tips, let me summarize for you the Car into the following 10-point tips. As long as you pay attention a little bit, you Will find these in the future maintenance of absolute value for money.


select the appropriate gas

oil prices pricey, or add gasoline demand it!

Sorry, gasoline No. 95 you can not put Kia ( KIA) becomes Koenigsegg (Koenigsegg), should use the No. 92 Car petrol, unleaded petrol exceeded the number of the Car and Will not help ease the compression stroke. Of course, it does not mean that a high number of petrol Will damage the engine Is more waste, complete thIs money can go somewhere else.


frequent washing

adjusted to an appropriate temperature

then I Will teach you how to province money, but also maintenance of a good Car. Do not use high-grade gasoline, per liter of petrol plus one can save 1 dollar. If your tank Is that each addition of oil 50L can save tens of dollars, money enough in many places a Car wash regular Car washing, waxing, can protect the paint to prevent rust. But you do not remember just outside the Car clean, and do not forget the vehicle inside ah, to a thoroughly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner suction aspiration.


Note seasonal variabilityOf

to develop good driving habits

whether it Is winter or to prepare for a summer trip, compared to other components, seasonal variation always the best test of the Car’s battery, coolant and tires, which means much more than you Note that these key components determine the trapped or bon voyage. If you can spend money to upgrade under the tire, it Will be invaluable in exchange for traction and control.


research recall information

given a lot of attention policy

recall products and technical service bulletin Is sometimes Auto maker Is not released all the able evening News. ThIs requires that you pay attention to information, more research in order to make your Car longer life, if your Car Is very unfortunate enough to be recalled, and make haste to repair.


watching “engine fault light”

light on the dashboard must pay attention to

people always feel very light engine failure fuss, always the same as the tabloids exaggerate their gift. But frankly, the engine fault light indeed for some very important information. 4S shop can check the prompts lamp failure, and resolve the problem. Perhaps the failure of the lamp may be the fuel tank cap Is loose it could be the powertrain of the problem, in short, you want to know failureLight Is not a reason appears on the right.


a little slower drive

unless you are an oil trader in the Middle East do not easily try Bigfoot throttle

should know that moment of H-throttle speed Is not a safe speed; if it does not know then, high-speed operation of the engine should give you some sense of sound. Not serious, that Is, low consumption Car, Car-loss point; even then the cold weather, idling Is a meaningless waste, but it Will also increase Carbon emIssions, caused by the aging of the catalytic converter, and also to the atmosphere emit more polluting gases.


according to the instructions to operate

demand vehicle maintenance work can be fully functional

instructions for using pressing, Will extend the life of the Car, in the long run, it can be for you save money. Do not fool yourself, that you do not spend money on Car maintenance, still able to run for a long time. Spend money on maintenance time, which means that you can save money and effort in the future.


binding to their specific situation checking

Provide Ching own Car, it Is important

skills] before allows you to maintain a good Car, but you can not always do the impossible every day regard the Car to the store maintenance. Only you need to develop the habit of regularly checking the lights and signals, while being Careful not to be injured. So you’re less likely again caught by surprIse.


Suitable lubricants selection

Total SynthesIs of oil Is good, but not what Cars are suitable for

do not have to think too much, what good use lubricants on what Will be the user’s Guide show that the vIscosity of the lubricant used, even for you Recommended Brand. For example, if you see the above recommendation Mobil 1, then you use Mobil 1, the vehicle unless you are very, very understanding.


doubt checks

Q a constant, when the investigation, the total wrong

If the vehicle has just repaired soon, but no big problems, engine failure light did not shine, do not think of the potential problems Will be gone. Do not luck, because it Is likely just 10,000 km, 20,000 km 50,000 km even when wrong. To avoid problems, even if you feel a hint of wrong place, you should check to check. Be sure to remember thIs point, rainy day, than to remedy the situation.

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