Car Maintenance must be done, but it Is not necessary to do some maintenance Is a waste of money!

Now, Car owners become more and more and more. Car to our lives a lot of convenience, but also saves a lot of time. With the development of the Automotive market, a variety of new Car after another, the price Is also very attractive. Many owners excitedly buying Cars, have said: buying a Car Is easy, but to keep a Car difficult. I Will not speak refueling expensive, it just has a lot of Car maintenance thIs doorway. The Car Is a delicate items, take good Care can bloom for a long time, so many owners regard the maintenance of the Car thIs thing entirely to 4s shops to do. Vehicle maintenance must be done, but it Is not necessary to do some maintenance Is a waste of money!

The first Is the replacement of Car bulbs, Car bulbs have a special replacement Auto parts in the city, including all of the light bulbs in the Car, just know that these bulbs Model (removed We can know) there are also some more reliable quality of the big brands, such as Philips, Delphi and so on. Not only cheap and high quality, Auto Parts City Will be responsible for the installation, under normal circumstances it Is when the fee Will not call it a day. Followed by a maintenance Car tires, Car tires a lot of people know Is very important, it Will be tidied up by Car tires, Car tires as well as for waxing. These are not actually Care what basically can not use the time, it should be replaced.

The third Is the engine lubrication system cleaning, many people go to 4S shop maintenance people have had thIs experience, the staff let you to do the lubrication system cleaning, washing Will not say how and how often the cost Is between 100-300. But its method of operation Is very simple, just put in front of a bottle of lubrication system maintenance cleaning agents in, then idling about a quarter of an hour, and finally let go of the oil even if done.

Finally, the cleaning program. In general, 2,3 million kilometers of Car, engine cleaning, inlet cleaning, clean throttle, etc., such a project, do not do it. And if it Is not washable, then there Is not much common these basic cleaning effect. And other Car around 60,000 km, when necessary, removable and washable. But you usually can wipe the surface of the cabin with a damp cloth part, would feel comfortable.