Car Maintenance must be done, but four kinds of maintenance to do, that Is a waste of money!

now, basically everyone Will always have the Car thIs thing. For the Car, after a lot of people have a Car, Will always encounter some sorts of things, Is the need that they are required to handle. Especially after many owners now have a Car, they Will always prefer to maintain your own Car. Actually, relatively speaking, it Will be more of a necessary thing.

I do not know, Is there a maintenance often went to 4s shop for a Car of. In fact, many people may not very understanding of vehicle maintenance, maintenance time in place of a continuous maintenance of the Car, they basically give you introduce what Is need to maintain what Is, in fact, a lot of time many of them to introduce you to some maintenance relatively less useful. Basically you are in a money pit.

first like to say that a maintenance Car tires. In fact, many people are aware that a Car’s tires, it Is very important. In particular Automobile tires, relatively speaking hIs price Is also a need for a very expensive price, a lot of time, a lot of people when their own maintenance, Car tires some cleanup, as well as Automobile tires waxing. These are not actually Care what basically can not use if the nature of time, it should be replaced.

The second Is to say a clean-up a Car wash in the oil coke. In fact, thIs, it Is of no effect. Because now, if some oil of some Cars, they in fact a lot of time has always been basically comes with a cleaning function. Because when in use, basically some of the many things that are relatively clean, so thIs does not need to completely clean up, and if you need it, Is a waste of your money and!

say Is a third air-conditioning maintenance of a Car. I believe many people Will always think after a period of time, are to be Carried out on a Car air conditioning Is now a clean-up of the Car. ThIs Is a very correct idea,But now, some of the many Car when they clean up Is also very simple to use some antIseptic to clean something about it, in fact these, it Is also possible to complete their own hands.

The last one Is at now, some of the many people in the Car just to get the time. Generally there Will be a Car are some of the unpleasant taste more. ThIs time some of the many places with some aspects of the Car they are Will provide Car sterilization of something, in fact, a lot of times they basically put some sterilization of some of the fumigant, directly on the inside, then you can the inside of the air conditioning Is turned on within a cycle can, in fact, thIs Is entirely hIs own doing.

and not just like the above maintenance of these Cars do not need to compare it to do, or that they can do it yourself can be completed the maintenance of a Car. A lot of time you Will need to pay more attention, because a lot of something they know are needed, or in a Car maintenance, they Will introduce you to a lot of something. If you choose to go to maintenance, then it Is a very bad behavior.