Car Maintenance Is very simple, learn them, you can do

and now more and more family sedan received everyone’s favorite, young people are more loans to buy their favorite Car, not only brings convenience to work, or go out to bring light, we all want the results to be, so we Will choose their favorite aftermarket to meet their own needs. So simple Car maintenance knowledge you know? How to maintain your Car? So beloved younger Car can do? Today we look at the maintenance of the Car now!

simple Car maintenance we all know, it Is to own Car to do a simple check, cleaning, change of oil and tune some of the switches in the Car and the like, and today we split learn some simple maintenance knowledge, complicated to go to the store to do it. First of all, I think we are more concerned about how long the Car oil to a change of? When buying a Car we could ask, chefs usually say 5000 km can be changed, everyone can own their own Cars under the circumstances to think about changing the oil.

The following Is a question of antifreeze, we all know that in the winter. The weather was cold, the Car Will be something chilled, but we go in the Car add some antifreeze, so we choose when antifreeze Will choose a bright color, not muddy it.

Here we begin to clean up the Car, and we all know that the Car Will be stepping into some of the dust and sand during travel , and we usually generated garbage in the Car and peel and so on. Therefore, we generated garbage in the Car and peels there are other things to be placed in the Car when the prepared trash, dust and particles inside the vehicle we use a clean cloth graze, so as not to enter the Car and exhaust pipes the outlet, and later we have to check the usage of Car windows and skylights, Is not easy to lift it? Another thing Is to clean up the Car seat, the seat should be cleaned regularly.

In the summer, the weather Will be hot, puncture phenomenon Is still there, so we are not moving to try to it drove in the shade, do not basking in the sun, as temperatures rIseHigh; then there are drying in the sun would be harmful if your Car’s finIsh. So we have to make a long Car washing and waxing of the Car, Car paint protection, but also you can paint closure of the glaze coating can do, do all to protect the paint protection.

On rainy days, we Will always smell some of the musty smell inside the vehicle, a long time Will be very powerful, we can be more windows open, so air circulation inside the Car up, you can also meet air conditioning. The air inside the Car was good we sat there a good mood.