Car Maintenance Is too expensive, old drivers to teach you thIs recipe, avoid wasting money

Now a lot of people Will choose to buy a Car as their means of transport, it means your Car needs a regular basIs to do some maintenance after buying the Car. But many owners knowledge of maintenance of the Car Is not particularly familiar with, sleepwalk by some Automotive beauty shop to hang out and spend very much paying the money, so when the owner finds himself spent odds, Will feel the whole person not good. Let’s see what Car maintenance Is very pit of money, so we once again pit.

We all know that many put in a Car thIs small space stuff, it Is inevitable that some of the rougher edges to clean Is not clean, it Is easy to cause some bacterial growth. Especially when the summer rains, the bacteria growth rate Is more rapid, because the summer temperature Is very suitable for bacterial growth, and rain Will make the air more humid. The driver in the course of driving, the Car was a need to stay indoors, Will in most cases the windows closed and air conditioning. Under If the driver has been in such an environment, it Will cause some impact on the health of the body. Car interior sterilization Is Carried out so that every driver Will Carry out the project, many Automotive beauty shops making thIs a project, only to the Car which put a lot of smoke, but the smoke can be recycled. Operation so simple, but it needs to collect a few hundred dollars of the cost, very deceptive.

Is performed when the cleaning cabin, not directly to the cleaning water, but also add some detergent to clean the cabin of some of the oil, so a lot of it Is too much trouble and the driver let some beauty salons to help wash the Car. Car beauty salons are using some detergent spray sprinkled on top of the Car cabin, then brush a few times on it. Often thIs case, if the cabin Is not particularly dirty, then it would more than a hundred dollars, two hundred dollars if necessary dirty, very burn.

air cleaning Is necessary, because whether it Is winter or summer Will use the air conditioner to keep the temperature inside the vehicle compartment appropriate. Such asIf air conditioning Is not clean, then the gas blowing out from the air conditioner Will be dIstributed throughout the Car interior, it means he had to have been driving at such a poorly ventilated environment, impact on our body Is not very good, it Is easy to there are some symptoms of dizziness and vomiting. When cleaning the air-conditioning in the Car beauty shop, The fee Is very high.

So be sure to keep in mind: While cleaning these items Is essential but in order to avoid wasting your own money, you can learn some cleaning techniques to clean up yourself. Or go to some acquaintances beauty shop Car wash, so as not to be too hard pit.