Car Maintenance Is too expensive? Insiders: Just grasp these points, can save half the cost!

Car Care too expensive? Insiders: Just grasp these points, can save half the cost! For we all know, with the development of our country it Is in constant increase them, but also for the people’s living standards have improved a lot, for a lot of people buy Cars Is becoming more and more, and and also no longer as wealthy people are able to say just a few can afford to buy luxury goods, but for now both in the first-tier cities, but in remote towns, the Car also has become a standard of what each family , but we also have to say, Automobiles although we all can afford to buy, but if you do not have to understand the Car, late for some maintenance, it really Is likely to be directly pit. Of course, a lot of people have said they have Car maintenance Is a bit too expensive, in fact not the case, really expensive Car maintenance it? Insiders tell the truth, to learn these points could save half the cost, then you and I look at it together.

In fact, according to insiders said, first and foremost we need to know, the first point Is that for some simple components of the vehicle above, it Is very likely also they can all be replaced, but it Is such child air filter, air filter, and the relationship between these simple widgets, it Is also can be purchased online by a number of reliable products, and replaceable, and for thIs since not only exceptionally low price, but also save a lot of time charge of some, so we still have to understand the Car really work costs are particularly high.

The second point Is also that oil supplies using the selection, but we can also take the most familiar with the oil Is the case, of course, also fully synthetic motor oil are particularly good, but its price Is Will be more expensive for some, but for the general turbocharged engine of the Car or some luxury Cars, are also directly choose a fully synthetic engine oil, but for those of us ordinary family Car, it basically Will always choose semi-synthetic oil or minerals it Will be, but also there Is no need to spend more money, plus fully synthetic oil.

Last but not least are particularly critical, it Is what we in the maintenance shop to four s time, alsoTo learn to reject four s store launch any cleaner additives and auxiliary fuel economy and so many Care products, but it really Is very important, so most of the four s store they Will take the initiative to sell these products, but after we are done on time as long as the Car maintenance, then the maintenance for the launch of these projects are also completely unnecessary to do, so I believe we learned thIs trick, but also hands a move can save a lot of money, while Some general models, it also Will appear throttle tens of thousands of kilometers clean up once, and for some high-end models, the possible frequency Will be more, so 4s shop also want to or need to be determined, according to some data idle valve flushing, but still want the best non-free washable approach to cleaning. For those mentioned above, that Is too expensive Car maintenance costs, insiders tell the truth, these costs can learn more than half of the province.