Car Maintenance Is to look at the time or the number of kilometers to see the old driver said, Do not be deceived 4S shop!

, usually whichever comes first vehicle maintenance Is determined by the mileage and time. Go directly to maintenance if the number of first-kilometer no consideration on OK. If time Is a few kilometers a lot worse, so it can be negotiated with the 4s shop, and more generally to explain the situation they can be pushed back a month.

But remember, Car maintenance in accordance with the provIsions of the manufacturer rather than the 4s local shop. Some 4s shop to make money make you advance to maintenance, it Is not necessary. If the 4s shops do not agree you can push off the insurance, their own maintenance Is not a problem.

Another point to note, the Car does not open often placed on batteries, tires, etc. are bad, so always open it. Car in advance and delayed the proper maintenance Is not a problem, but not long delayed maintenance of the Car Is very unfavorable.

a simple routine check on their own, vehicle idle period, according to time to check, as far as possible week with a Car, so not only you can charge the battery, but also to look tires not dIscouraged, and the lubricating oil can be heated so that the respective protective mechanical components. If I am on a business trip or travel abroad, you can let a friend or help launch vehicle once a week, check the engine Is functioning properly, so as to ensure no problems when the Car again.

can not understand the words on the rigid maintenance manual, the Car can not be fully maintained in accordance with the number of kilometers to be considered maintenance. If you do not have long-term Car, according to several kilometers to the maintenance of the Car Will be a lot of damage. Automobile factory recommended maintenance intervals only in exceptional circumstances, the vehicle should be maintained in accordance with special rules for the purposes of normal conditions of use. You do not have long-term Car, according to the time to think, or to maintain itself based on component performance testing.

did not reach the maintenance vehicle mileage, but also every other year and change the oil filter and antifreeze. SeeminglyOil Is relatively stable, in fact, you occasionally use short-range Car, very powerful oil oxidation deterioration of the oil have a lot of sediment precipitation, the sediment can clog oil passages or cause severe wear on the friction surface deputy. Antifreeze long-term need, which Is a water-based ethylene glycol antifreeze Will deteriorate, so 1–2 years should be replaced.