Car Maintenance Is to look at the time or mileage? Most people do not know, after reading to understand

‘ve got a friend, recently encountered a dilemma: 4S shop these days always received a phone call urging him to do maintenance, but after hIs Car insurance was first opened more than 2,000 kilometers , requires less maintenance was 5000 km. But the 4S shop said, hIs Car has been to the maintenance period of six months.

For thIs purpose a friend deliberately went to the manual, the instructions found written on a new Car, traveling 8000 km or 6 months maintenance time, but the 4S shop left him open 5000 km maintenance time.

He said: “Now the 4S shop selling new Cars do not make money, so I hope to go to maintenance customers for a short time, can not wait to go 1000 km maintenance.” Therefore, he has been in accordance with the mileage 8000 km do maintenance. He believes that the Car did not look like the Car dealer said so squeamIsh.

then the Car maintenance for six months and 5000 km which should prevail?

I think a lot of Car owners there Is such a problem, in fact, according to several kilometers to set maintenance Is not a problem, because the Car traveled such a long way, each part of which must have wear and tear, Will affect the performance of the Car.

but for the usually drive less, to no time to mileage, how to choose it?

There are many parts of the shelf life . With oil, for example, that a Car through the whole system, and the air Is contact, as long as oil poured out of the bottle, it Is oxidized, Will be broken, even if you do not open. Car manufacturers in the Automotive market has done the most severe real vehicle tests, then work out the real vehicle test according to the most conservative maintenance intervals for the local market.

So if you are driving less, at a certain time does not reach the number of miles, you can select the appropriate deferred maintenance, its Car itself Is no effect, because most correct Car maintenance cycle on a vehicle with a manual use instructions, and for profit Will 4S shop maintenance cycles.

do not know if you read the article there Is no harvest it? CarMaintenance intervals should be very clear now.