Car Maintenance Is required once every six months to have it

Is not required to maintain a half, if not reached 5,000 kilometers, not to the maintenance of the Car Is not damaged. Because the 5,000 km maintenance Is for the general case. In general, the number of kilometers a year driving a family Car should be between 10,000 to 20,000, then 5,000 km maintenance when you can, the time Is about six months. If the family Car rarely go out, less than a year traveling 10,000 kilometers and even less time, it Is necessary to grasp the time to Care, long Car parked more “destroyed” the Car, the Car only after the launch, each part of the full run-parts the Car Will make long-term good of the state. Extended Information: Car maintenance can not avoid using the appropriate Care products (also known as Car maintenance products, Car Care products), by definition, Car maintenance products, Car Care products selected to be able to achieve good “to ensure behalf of the support to raIse on behalf of repair “, both to save substantial maintenance costs, but also extend the life of the vehicle, where the meaning of which Is the exIstence of Car Care products. Determine the various types of maintenance operations mileage intervals scientifically, not only make the Car kept in good technical condition, but also saves you the cost of maintenance and repair costs. General Automotive Technology Car in good condition, in good operating condition to use, may be appropriate to extend the maintenance cycle; and the poor technical condition of the Car, or the use of harsh conditions, should be appropriate to shorten the maintenance cycle. Reference: Car maintenance – Baidu Encyclopedia