Car Maintenance Is not the more the better ground, it should be noted that four places, Xian Hua paying the money for the car Is not good

vehicle maintenance and not the more the better ground, it should be noted that four places, Xian Hua paying the money for the Car Is not good! In the process we usually a lot of people in the Car’s also just drive a Car, to Issue maintenance of vehicles also did not understand so much, in fact, in the Car with a long time maintenance and must be performed appliances, so that it can make us in the process safer driving, the Car’s life and it can last much longer, if maintained in the course of maintenance too frequently, or even the opposite effect of it, but they also Care not to say each maintenance are also necessary, because the higher in some places if the maintenance frequency, then it might be a variety of problems, so we also need to understand some of the relevant knowledge in vehicle maintenance time , or else it might be mIsled by others, then the next we come to see where there Is no need less frequent maintenance.

The first aspect that Is often used those fuel additives, and they also who need to focus together, because for thIs Automobile fuel additive, although said that to some extent, but also allows the engine Carbon deposits are effectively addressed, even the eggs engine clean-up Is relatively clean, but if the fuel additive used more, or Is the frequency used more frequently, then thIs Is for the Car’s engine Is part of a larger burden. A lot of people in the course of their normal driving refueling, as long as those sales staff to sell these fuel additives, they Will be directly recognized, then it was in hIs Car tank inside these additives are added, feel that thIs Is definitely the Car effective engine Is, of course, Is in fact not the case, since for these fuel additive Is not necessary to particularly frequent use, although to some extent, can effectively clean up Carbon deposits, but if used too many times, also our Car Will cause some damage, but also more harm than good.

The second aspect for those friends often use washing detergent, they also know that for some people they saw on top of the Car as long as there are some small also I think it Is a small house cleaning have to put some of their vehicles, even every once able to ensure that their Car Is spotless, almost every day cleaning the Car wash,But in fact, such frequent washing their Cars also belong to the intangible damage, because of frequent washing, Car paint also can lead to premature aging of the paint, and even may cause dIscoloration of the situation. And often touch the water, so long a time also leads to the compartment floor, and even in some places the bottom of the door are also rusting appears, more importantly, with a Car wash cloth, often back and forth friction bike ride Will also let the paint cause some minor scratches, which Is more damage Car paint.

The third aspect Is no need regular oil changes, in fact, for many of them when oil changes, are also be in the Car open to the 5000 km when, or even simply not open to 5000 km, it Will go to change the oil, but thIs Is not absolutely necessary, so Cars do not need to change the oil frequently, that we just need to travel ten thousand km time replaced once the oil Is more appropriate, if you really do not worry, you can also change a slightly better quality oil, it may not need to be replaced less frequently, frequent replacement of the Car engine Is not only not have any effect, but also cause some degree of damage to the engine.

The fourth aspect for those who frequent cleaning of oil, it Is also necessary to pay attention, there are some people in their Cars to the side of the shop 4s do maintenance process, then for the maintenance of the master Will also directly recommend just wash oil, but for those who do not know how they Will directly take up thIs suggestion, and every process Is also necessary to maintain the to wash oil. In fact, thIs approach Is less desirable, because the Car does not need oil Is less frequent cleaning, even frequent cleaning, may also result in accelerated wear of the oil, but would give us the number of subjects Will also replace oil a corresponding increase.