Car Maintenance Is not only an oil change, the old drivers: maintenance more attention to these four parts!

Car use for some time, we Will be regular maintenance, regular maintenance, in order to ensure the smooth use of our follow-up, in order to protect the safety of our drivers, vehicle owners generally Will choose to go to the 4S shop for maintenance, but most people think that just replaced the oil maintenance on it, the fact that it? The Car Is from a variety of component parts, there are some frequently used parts also need to be replaced on a regular basIs, such as air conditioning filter. Many older drivers have said: Car maintenance, these four parts are not equal to the white change to the maintenance.

a: wheel cylinders

ThIs Is the most common member and mud, sand the contact member, as metal member, in thIs environment, Is easy to rust, rust if the brake cylinder, then, the case has a wheel locking occurs, the brake wheel cylinder Is generally preferably Carried out once every twenty thousand km maintenance, thIs Will enable the Car driving safer, owners in the maintenance of your Car, but do not ignore thIs part of.

bIs: spark plug

The spark plug plays an extremely important role in starting the vehicle, thIs member generally case, use about 30,000 to 100,000 kilometers, would need to be replaced, the reason for such a large time interval, because the life of the spark plug and the material also has a great relationship, so every time we maintain, are best inspection about the situation of the spark plug.

Three: Cage sleeve

Wan scientific name Is called Isotropic speed section, in fact, a rubber sleeve, because cage has it only the dust, sealing effect, if there cage lubricating oil leak, the Car may be feeling frustrated and abnormal sound occurrence, and even lead to accidents.

IV: Brake specific oil

Is now often used Automotive hydraulic brake, thIs braking mode We need a special brake oil as a bridge, but there are characterIstics of a brake fluid absorbs water easily, Automobile use for some time, brake fluid Will contain a lot of water, over time, Will reduce braking performance, especially when Jicha,Brake problems can be very dangerous, so when maintenance of the brake fluid must be Carefully examined and timely replacement!

Finally, many older drivers say that the Car Is well maintained, no problem to open five years, we in the daily maintenance of the Car, do some simple just change the oil, and pay more attention to the use of these four components.