Car Maintenance Is not an oil change! Repairman Reminder: optimIstic about the four parts

Many riders after buying the Car he has said he was helpless, because they do not know how to properly good Care of their Car, causing all kinds of problems, not only opened Debu liking, but also seriously affect their life . Here we must clear an understanding, Automotive maintenance does not mean an oil change. Repairman reminder: promIsing four accessories.

in the periodic maintenance of the Car when the first one Is to look at the Auto parts spark plug. Functionally, thIs Is a Car ignition Is activated, if it appears the problem Is not only the Car can not be started normally, but can not travel, because the frequency of use of a lot, so it Is easy to wear and tear, it Is necessary from time to time to maintain it.

The first two need to focus on maintenance of Auto parts Is Cage sets. The Automobile parts are provided on the chassIs of the vehicle, to prevent some impurities from entering the vehicle chassIs, and a means to prevent leakage, it Is quite powerful functionality. If it Is a problem, the Car chassIs Will accelerate wear and tear, so regular maintenance Cage sets, maintenance of good Car chassIs.

The third Is to maintain good air conditioning filter Auto parts. It Is different from the oil filter, air filter for the degree of attention that people are far more than oil filter, however, but for it to ensure the air quality inside the cabin, but also has a vital role. So regularly wash out or replace a new one, it Is also critical.

Finally, a three-way catalyst Is, it Is in the exhaust position. The main function Is to convert Car exhaust among some of the harmful substances, if it Is a problem, there Is no doubt, in which the annual vehicle inspection, vehicle exhaust testing project certainly Is not going to pass. And Will increase environmental pollution affecting engine power.