Car Maintenance Is not an oil change! Old driver Reminder: it’s time to do the depth of the maintenance

Car maintenance There are a lot of doorways, we can say thIs Is a major problem, but many drivers do not know, just be able to do some simple Car maintenance, such as maintenance of oil. But Xiao Bian want to say Is that Car maintenance Is not a simple oil change it! We must fully detailed. Old driver Reminder: it’s time to do a deep maintenance.

improve their overall depth maintenance, from the appearance of the beginning. ThIs major step Is to check how among those exposed to the air quality Auto parts, such as the shell of the Car, Car paint for damage, scratches if severe, can affect the quality of the Car shell. There are tire Is safe and whether there Is damage to the Car headlights, are working correctly, and so on.

The next step Is to check and maintenance of the vehicle interior. Inside, Is a relatively closed environment, but we are also usually stay there, if some interior problems Will directly affect our health. In addition to clean, a variety of precIsion parts also focus on examination of the object, thIs Is the maintenance of significance.

The next step Is to check the vehicle chassIs. Because the vehicle chassIs Carries the weight of the entire body, and various Automotive parts, including the engine, brakes, etc., are designed directly on the chassIs, it can vIsually see how the overall performance of the Car, must be maintained its integrity, as well as anti-corrosion work to do.

Finally Is the engine system, which Is the most important, Is the core engine of the Car, so we should focus on checking the depth of maintenance. Including Automotive starting, fuel system, lube oil system, cooling system, are to inspect the project. However, to note that the engine can not be too frequent maintenance, but maintenance of excessive damage.