Car Maintenance Is necessary, but these five projects, but it Is of little use

usually do to the Car maintenance Is necessary, whether it Is large or small insurance guarantee should do it on time, otherwIse Will reduce the life of the Car. Now many Car owners have for their Car Is not very understanding, only know some of the basic operations, plus some how even a glass of water, how to check the oil dipstick are not clear, so do the maintenance time Will be told to do thIs project, that project, some are necessary, but a few items actually of little use.

Car sterilization, the sound very large, the sterilization may be attached to kill bacteria vehicle, and capable of forming a protective layer to prevent invasive bacteria, which then surgery Will be coming down the owner of the ears, especially at home with children inside the vehicle owners more confident that sterilization Is a technology live, the firm took out hundreds of pieces. But a lot of the store to Carry out thIs project Is not quite what sophIsticated instrument sterilization work in the Car, but to a dedicated fungicide in the Car, turn on the external air-conditioning cycle operation, it costs a few ten dollars, can buy a box of Auto Parts City to their own operations.

If the nozzle clogging Will cause vaporization of gasoline, resulting in damage to the engine and the dry component, if it Is mentioned in the when maintenance vehicle Will shake, usually let you clean the throttle or cleaning nozzle. For cleaning the throttle really have to need a little basic knowledge man can do, a few hundred dollars and thIs time it Is not the role of cleaning nozzle. Because thIs project Is generally not really put the nozzle Is removed for cleaning, close enough work costs a few hundred dollars, but the cleaning agent into the tank even if completed, the owner can not see the repair process, so over one-hour to open up psychologically you Will feel as if the Issue Is resolved. In fact, after thIs cleaning agent into the gasoline, just to play every time fuel injection cleaning effect of the weak, to say to be able to completely clean the nozzle that Is simply not possible, it Is nothing more than a psychological effect.

air conditioning at home Will be cleaned on a regular basIs, which Is the basic common sense, the same Car air conditioning also needs regular cleaning. If it Is for fans and air conditioning pipe cleaning Is still useful, but if two or three hundred dollars you have to pay attention to the air cleaning. We all know that maintenance of the master to do the projectIs the need to work costs and profits of the store together, if thIs Is the price you count working hours, fees, materials, profit Is definitely not enough, usually with air cleaner air conditioning ducts poured through a straw, open the outer loop, so your operation get the Car Will also open air smelt fresh taste, but in fact for clean air conditioning components in the end how much, it Is estimated that only he knows the Car.

engine maintenance, it sounds very professional. Engine as the heart of the vehicle, if something goes wrong it can be related to safety. So engine maintenance for some owners Is white must be done. But in fact Is not possible to remove the engine to be Carefully cleaned, but put some detergent poured in through the self-cleaning cycle oil, and finally the engine casing clean out a little, but in fact little cleaner if there Is such a big role of master craftsmen who can leave home.

tire maintenance Is also a project looks beautiful. “Professionals” Will tell you, the tires require regular maintenance, including wheels and brakes are counted in the tire maintenance program, the professional cleaning after the tire and the component removed, you can extend the life of tires and brakes, but in fact, just a simple tire and wheel cleaning and tire brush a layer of oil on the surface of it, so thIs project Is not recommended.

for vehicle maintenance Is a serious matter, but some projects done but there Is no practical effect, it can be omitted entirely, or else spent paying the money to reach the effect Is more depressed.

Do you know what maintenance projects done there Is no effect of it