Car Maintenance Is just an oil change? Old drivers: do not change these four places, equal to the white maintenance!

vehicle maintenance just an oil change? Old drivers: do not change these four places, equal to the white maintenance!

the importance of Car maintenance, many owners have already realized that they have to spend more money to the Car in time to do maintenance. But there are also some relatively dIstressed owners money, I do not think maintenance Is to replace the oil, to a specific time only the oil change, but ignores some important parts of the Car when the latter failed to know regret. Xiao Bian today to talk with a few parts when you must pay attention to the maintenance, if you have reached the replacement time, it must take them replaced.

of a Car spark plugs, spark plug ignition and the Car can not avoid, if a spark plug for a long time and wear and tear of aging, thIs time you Will find the Car frequently ignition failure, or Is not directly point the fire. So the best way Is time for maintenance master maintenance check your spark plugs, if you have need to be replaced, then do not feel bad that part of the money. And the spark plug if used too long Will produce large amounts of Carbon, a long time not only engine power Will be insufficient, or even scrapped so that the engine directly, thIs time the Car also broken.

The second Automobile brake fluid, brake fluid, when mentioned, many people think of first Is the Car’s braking system. Vehicle maintenance Is just an oil change? Old drivers: do not change these four places, equal to the white maintenance! Indeed, if your Car’s brake system there Is a problem, that Is, it called brake failure, so thIs time the owner lives Will be greatly affected. Brake fluid Is also part of the brake system components, it Is equally important brake pads, brake over time Will produce the film along with a lot of water in contact with air, and the effect was not so good, so in maintenance, they also must let your staff to check the brake fluid needs to be replaced.

The third brake wheel cylinder. ThIs place Is an integral part of the braking system, the mileage longer, the situation Is more serious damage to it. So I hope you pay attention to its condition, when broken must be replaced with new, even spend more money also must be replaced. And like the main problem Is the emergence of brake cylinderRust, rusty when it Will not only lose their role, and Will make you very weak at the time of braking, even the brake out of control.

The fourth Automobile catalytic converters, which in fact has a close relationship with the exhaust gas of Automobile, it can exhaust the impurity in the Car all filters, At thIs point you Will be dIscharged from the exhaust Is more qualified. If TWC broken, then the detection of exhaust certainly not thIs one through. So to remind you, catalytic converters reach replacement if the timing also must remember to replace, and if you do not replace the Car for a long time to go more and more coke.

The above method Is to give everyone says four places, in fact, when maintenance should be noted that there are many, due to space problems only small series of articles temporarily give you Is that these types. If you want to know more about the maintenance of a problem, please leave a message told Xiao Bian below, I Will from time to time for everyone reply. If you are interested in what other aspects of the Car, you can also leave a message in the comments area below, small series Will adopt you good advice. Of course, after reading thIs article, I hope you can share with friends and family around them, help them to believe that thIs article Is also very large.