Car Maintenance Is important, but not change the oil on the line, these four parts does not change, did not mean maintenance

As the economy continues to develop, many people Will choose to buy one of their own private Car, the Car not only has brought us convenience, but gave us save a lot of time, but we all know, buying a Car Is easy to keep a Car difficult, Auto follow-up Care Is also very important, not only to maintain but also to extend the life of the Car, but also to ensure that accidents do not occur Car use, and in the eyes of most people Is to maintain their Car 4S shop replaced the oil, the oil may be due to their usually give the impression that most, but for the maintenance of the Car, not just a change of oil on the line. Vehicle maintenance Is important, but not change the oil on the line, these four parts does not change, mean that no maintenance

The first Is the Car’s spark plugs, and spark plug gasoline engine ignition system in a very important part, if not pay attention to the spark plug maintenance, excessive Carbon above, or the accumulation of too much precipitation substance, the spark plug gap increases, lack of ignition energy, causing difficulty in starting the Car. Therefore, Car maintenance time, also check whether the Car’s spark plug replacement, because the Car’s spark plug Is a very easy to consume parts, are particularly vulnerable to aging, and spark plugs used in the life of different materials have different, so owners in the Car maintenance, we must pay attention to check the spark plug, the timely replacement.

The second constant velocity joint Is, that we may be more familiar, it Is protected by a rubber sleeve of the cage can prevent the entry of dust, and sealing effect, if your Car Is usually a very strong sense of frustration or abnormal sound of the engine, it Is likely that the cage of the oil leak, the situation again if the worst case accident would happen. So we usually maintain it, do not mIss thIs place. The third Is dedicated brake oil, brake oil brake hydraulic brake fact, when used as an adjunct to, but because it Is easy to absorb water, so a long time, there Will be a lot of water in the brake fluid can cause brake the decrease in sensitivity. For safer driving, it also must be promptly replaced.

The fourth Is the brake wheel cylinders, thIs part can be said to be often overlooked, because of the location, causing it to come into contact with most of the stuff Is dirt and water, thus leading to thIs placeAlways dirty, after all, Is made of metal, a long time Is certainly the case Will be rusty, so that the braking performance of the Car absolutely Will drop. And when you go to maintenance, you do not mention, it may not give you the staff to be replaced, so that our traffic safety Will not be guaranteed.