Car Maintenance Is equivalent to renovation, so be sure to regular maintenance car

Car maintenance Is actually a renovation, a way of life extension Is basically the new Car Will be more maintenance, more and more “healthy”, the new Car would be better to open, do not look for everyone all kinds of trouble. But it should be noted that the Issue Is a lot of maintenance, such as not excessive maintenance, maintenance errors do not, do not really false failures as failures to repair and so on. To learn scientific methods of maintenance, proper maintenance and reasonable Care Is the most correct way. Some friends said they would say, you’re so vague, so professional, but we do not know where to start maintenance, I do not know what Is wrong maintenance. These people do not have to worry, Xiao Bian Will give you a little update of the day to say a little slowly so that we can develop the good habit of Car maintenance.

Some people Will say that we have maintained the ah, but what should be the 4S shop maintenance, we do not know thIs knowledge ah. Then we set off today from thIs direction and see what maintenance Is not to 4S shop maintenance, or simply do not Care what Is being 4S stores have to let you do. These are a lot of lIstening to Xiao Bian give you 11 years.

a, say take the engine, in fact, did not clean the engine in Car maintenance manuals, but some 4S stores Will find a variety of washable item added to the lIst, such as engine on thIs one. I Will not speak with the engine in the end so do not Care, even if so to maintenance, repaired engine can not be installed in the end of the original and the same. When factory installed engine Is a lot of technical parameters, I do not know some of those smaller repair shop can not achieve such technical requirements. About thIs aspect also includes cleaning the engine lubrication system of the engine, they Will usually advIse owners to do thIs kind of Care, saying that if not possible, then hit cylinders behavior occurs, leading to the pIston Is not functioning smoothly. In fact, though did not seem particularly serious, but in fact, not so exaggerated, if not to say they wanted to brake system maintenance, then it Will brake the Car Is the same, thIs Is a marketing tool, in fact, the Car Is quite Technology advanced Automotive accessories yet so fragile, and thIs maintenance period did not they say so short, in fact, their work costs are very low, but the final cost to the hands of the owners of the time Will be doubled .

Second, there are some newcomers friends just to mention some of the new Car Will want to do skin Care polIshing, coating and the like, they feel the new Car gloss without mentioning the beauty of those Cars if done well . In fact, thIs Is not absolutely necessary, but it Is best not to do so. I Will not speak a waste of money, doing so Is equivalent to the protection of paint on top of the Car to knock down, so it Will speed up the Car paint surface oxidation and destruction. Some do skin Care are generally very old things, or some scratches Car, but also for beauty Is a certain cycle, not excessive beauty Care. Please note that the novice friends, Automotive beauty can be divided into many categories, such as waxing, plating crystal, transparent stickers sewing and so on, the higher the price, the better maintenance, a friend in need may be decided according to their own situation If your Car does not hurt but Is relatively new Is absolutely no need to do thIs, as if a 18-year-old girl, did not have to rub cosmetics.

Third, also like to say Is the problem tire. Tires do not have maintenance, usually as long as we pay more attention to it, before traveling around the Car turn around, forming a good driving habits. The main Issue Is to look at tire tire filling crevices there like a stone; look at tires without mIssing pressure; see if there Is not a sharp object piercing into the tire. For general 4S shop for maintenance of the project of the new Car Is very small, so they Will think a lot of eyesight, and to say the least. Like on a tire, if you are a low-end Car, possible to buy a new tire that Is hundreds of pieces of things, if it Is possible to do a maintenance price, then how to maintain the Car can not be stronger than the new Car. And they do Care about Is cleaning, lay the wax and the like, thIs kind of maintenance you can do yourself at home.

Fourth, to say thIs Is the 4s shop regular projects that sales of various additives. If you go to 4S store Will encounter those recommended various auxiliary additives, because of 4S shop can be a lot of stock, so they get our hands on all kinds of additives are very cheap, but the retail price but not cheap. For example, it Is just about twenty thousand kilometers, when the shop Will recommend you to clean the oil, they can not say what Is what, we must know that thIs Is not really needed maintenance,I hope you know that in general fifty thousand kilometers of change when it Is the best.

Conclusion: Today’s maintenance knowledge introduced here, hope to have some help for you. Maintenance of knowledge uptake surface Is very wide, such as some heard a friend say, some look online, some of hIs own personal experience, so these areas may have some not quite the same, thIs Will make everyone feel You know who Is right. In fact, there Is no absolute right or wrong, because Cars and trucks are different, even the same type of Car may also be divided in various configurations, but also we slowly right and wrong screening.