Car Maintenance Is divided into five periods, if the car Will not pay attention to the “old” soon

Car like baby, you not only to buy time to spend a lot of time, if you want it with you longer, but also Careful to take Care of him! Like people, like different things in different time periods noting that Car maintenance Is also roughly divided into five periods, if you do not pay attention to it, then the Car would get old very quickly!

In addition to vehicle maintenance and good driving habits, Automotive hardware but also regular maintenance, basic Car tire by the engine electrical equipment chassIs body composition, we also important to note that when these places if infrequent maintenance Car on Car maintenance, Will affect the normal operation of Auto parts, may lead to serious accidents

on the other hand we pass the inspection, lubrication and replacement Auto parts to extend the life of the Car, a new Car hand, first run-in period, when Auto parts are new, we have to rely on the Car to run off the edges worn so many people Will be driving a new Car everywhere, Is to make the parts more fit, thIs Is the need to pay attention, try not to violence to drive the Car some of the tender. Good no harm.

General Car warranty Is three years, which can be considered the golden period of the Car, or the timing of the full vehicle inspection to see if there are quality problems! After the warranty period, when maintenance costs would be increased, second-hand Cars are basically at thIs stage, the Car Will be some small problems, but thIs Is the best preserved of the Car. After six years in hand, the vehicle entered a period of decline, as people start aging performance year after year, decade after using the vehicle to be almost eliminated, although there Is no mandatory retirement temporarily, but may open open can not be used, or that the frequent failure, repair of money every year.

Of course, the above said Cars are frequently used, if you do not regularly use or properly maintained, then the Car’s performance and value retention Will have some soaring, so be sure to take good Care of their Car, after all, open for a long time also have feelings.