Car Maintenance Is based on the number of kilometers or maintenance time?

Car maintenance Is a topic of great concern to many owners, but we Will often encounter such a situation – not Sunday bought the Car, but not to the mileage and maintenance to the maintenance time, the face of such circumstances require do not need to maintain it?

conventionally, the Car maintenance maintenance time and mileage and maintenance into two types, and whether to do maintenance whichever comes first. If the Car mileage but not to maintenance to the maintenance time, but also to do maintenance, and vice versa Is also true. Such maintenance of core point Is that the Car’s engine oil.

from the current situation, almost every vehicle maintenance must be replaced about oil, because oil at high temperatures can cause volatile work, bad decIsion, if the vehicle Is used infrequently, oil Will slow in the Car slow deterioration, while the vehicle Is often used to make oil slowly volatile, so when maintenance or pay attention to maintenance mileage and maintenance time which comes first.

but from the current vehicle maintenance point of view, thIs principle more applicable to vehicles not yet out of the claim period, and thIs Is no reason to reject the claim of the 4S shop. Since the vehicle after the insurance can bring their own oil, you can choose a better, longer replacement cycle oil, so after that Paul may have planned to Carry out maintenance according to their condition, if the condition Is good can be appropriate to extend the maintenance cycle and time if the condition Is still poor maintenance as required maintenance manual.

In general, vehicle maintenance Is very important, not only to give the owners to bring safety and security aspects of driving, but also can enhance the residual value of the Car, at the time of replacement can be replaced with more money. Therefore, vehicle maintenance, do not bother, though not to buy the Car but for the proper maintenance Is still necessary.

(operations staff: Zhang Yu)