Car Maintenance Is another oil? It would be wrong, it Is a must to check 10

some owners to the Auto repair shop maintenance, in order to save money on only the most basic maintenance projects. The master also some of the Auto repair shop in order to save, only the engine oil and filter change my bin, for other aspects of the situation and Will not check the Car. Especially a lot of running and pieces of Express owner, directly into the store said he was in a hurry, only to change oil filter on the line, for twenty minutes to get maintenance.

then driving the Car as a tool by the tens of thousands of complex parts composed of only an oil change and filter every time maintenance, really?

apparently Is not enough!

There are 10 projects Is necessary to check if there Is a problem that requires immediate repairs when the Car maintenance.

1, check the chassIs suspension

only in the maintenance, have a chance observed look under the Car. Need to check if there Is the underpinning of the chassIs, rub case; engine, gearbox or absence of leakage; vehicle axle, suspension, shock absorbers, the exhaust pipe Is not damaged.

2, check the tire

including tire pressure, the tread pattern the thickness, the degree of aging of the tire, or the presence or absence of the pinned drum package case. Life of the tire Is generally four years or 60,000 kilometers, if often run high-speed, tire maintenance Is needed focus on checking projects.

3, check brakes, brake dIscs

Check brake pads and brake dIscs without removing the tire, it can be observed with the naked eye. Brake pad thickness Is less than 3mm proposed replacement, the groove depth of the brake dIsc edge grind than 2mm, the proposed replacement brake dIsc or grinding repair.

4, check the generator, water pump belt

generator, water pump belt Is generally recommended to replace the four years, but generally based on usage, if obvious cracks and scratches, needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

5, check the spark plug

The spark plug Is a consumable member Cars, need periodic replacement. During maintenance, the spark plug can also be determined by checking the condition of the engine coke, to decide whether to make a passage and a Carbon cleaning.

6. Check battery

After the batteries for three years, its life Is unstable. There are also possible in the morning the Car starts normally, the afternoon to beat the fire. When the Car maintenance Is recommended to use a professional battery tester on the battery voltage, cold start current, resIstance to be analyzed, so that consumers have a general understanding of the current life of the battery.

7, inspection lights

In fact, hard to find their Car owners which light does not shine. Small series have a Car, open a long time to find a low beam lamp and two fog lights are not bright, open countryside on the way home at night feeling a smear eyes before. In front of the lights can not be found, not to mention the back of the Car.

Is a matter of fact, the lights of the big things safe driving, Car maintenance required when two maintenance technicians collaborate simultaneously, the entire vehicle lighting check again, the investigation does not light a lamp repair as soon as possible.

8. Check brake oil

Now that the family Car widely used oil brake system , a braking force of the brake oil as a transmIssion medium, its performance Is directly related to the safety brake. Brake fluid recommended two years or 40,000 km replacement time, every time maintenance, use special detectors to detect the water content of brake fluid boiling point whether the target.

9, check the antifreeze

check the antifreeze comprIsing: a line level Is lower than normal, any leaks in the pipeline, without obvious darken the color, to determine whether to add or replace the antifreeze. Antifreeze than water, which can be broadly stable between -40 ° to 120 °, usually occurs little consumption Is normal.

10, check OBD DTC

can be vIsible from the outside of the fault check the invIsible fault diagnosIs needs the OBD computer. For example internal fault, an intake three-way catalyst and the operating conditions of the engine and gearbox, and the like. Many Car broke down on the road in the cause of the fault Is hidden when maintenance Is not to find out, certainly less OBD computer check thIs step.

These are the Cars need maintenance routine examination of 10 projects, all bearing on road safety of the big things, the owners do not suffer in silence to avoid, Auto repair shop can not go the easy way perfunctory. Before changing oil, spend 15 minutes a comprehensive inspection condition, vehicle maintenance Is the correct posture.

The present number focus on Automotive maintenance, repair knowledge of the dIscussions, so stay tuned!