Car Maintenance Is actually the case, how long you cheated

the majority of vehicle maintenance Is still stuck on a simple oil. If so, you Will suffer a great deal. General 4S shop to check more Careful, and do maintenance on the outside repair shop owner friends can look Carefully, these can be maintained.

1, the whole Car lights

bulb easily damaged Car, you usually hard to find and, in particular, reversing lights and brake lights, etc. damaged, it easily lead to accidents, so every time when maintenance should be full to the Car lamp examination.

2, the brake system

brake system Is normal, it Is directly related to the safety of the owner. Bicycle brakes are important, let alone a Car. So be sure to check the brake system during maintenance, in addition, brake oil Is generally replaced every two years; the thickness of the brake pad Is not less than 3mm.

3, tire checking

comprIses a main portion of the tire checking tire pressure, the tread (degree of wear of the tire) and the like. If the tire pressure Is not normal, it Will not only fuel, are more likely to puncture overturned on the road. Further, if there Is pinned Carcass, whether tire from the drum side, whether the tire has been cut, the potential pitfalls of rubber Is aging cracks may lead to a flat tire and the like. Tire life Is generally 4,5 million kilometers.

4, chassIs checking

vehicle chassIs Is directly exposed to the air, the more susceptible to damage, such as the chassIs of the tie rod ball joint damage occurs chassIs abnormal sound, engine machine foot rubber can cause damage to the vehicle Is not normal jitter. Also pay special attention to the chassIs oil spills, leakage illustrate certain means (transmIssion, shock absorbers, engine) must want to change! ChassIs are more things involved, to double-check!

5-vehicle electronic device checks

Is mainly to check the Car inspection instrument lights, dashboard lights mainly a prompt action, although not the engine and large impact, but its role Is not to be underestimated. Owners of a friend you can not ignore it!

Source: Ang Jia Technology