Car Maintenance in three places actually do not have to spend money to maintain, do not be fooled 4s shop!

Car Is the most indIspensable maintenance, and routine maintenance Is very important for the Car, the saying goes, Is the third by the Car repair, seven by raIsing. We generally go 4S shop to do maintenance, the service personnel are generally responsible, but there are some places to pay attention, believe it may spend unnecessary money. Vehicle maintenance in three places actually do not have to spend money to maintain, do not be fooled 4s shop!

1, engine maintenance, air conditioning sterilization

engine maintenance gives them a nice term called depth engine maintenance, and of course give you these before you do feed What Is the difference, what kind of a lift in the past on the basIs of nothing. In fact, the principle Is very simple Is not changing the oil in the Car before adding detergent, let the engine waste oil prior to dIscharge, and then add into new, even without thIs part of your Car would not be any harm, then there Is air conditioning sterilization, in your Car air conditioning fungicide sprayed into the mouth, particularly simple, and that they can do, do not go to 4S shop.

2, tire maintenance

We all know that if the tire does not work, then there might puncture, so you can not drive a Car on. Check the degree of wear of Car tires, Car tires can be used how long, in general are all marked on the tire, so to go out and run six kilometers owners need to be aware, there Is no leak to check the tires, so as not to be sudden and unexpected that time very serious consequences.

3, catalytic converters

everyone a lot of people probably do not know what thIs Is, so thIs led 4S shop Is easier to convince consumers to the maintenance. Xiao Bian here to tell you, for the maintenance of thIs accessory, in fact, Is the most easy and requires only a decoder, a professional, he Will be holding a decoder to check the engine, a test, if there are problems Will be dIsplayed. But based on many owners do not know what thIs Is, Is a 4S shop convince can understand.