Car Maintenance in ten semi-synthetic oil recommended ranking good reputation of the (recommended collection of articles)

Oil can be divided into three categories: mineral oil, synthetic and semi-synthetic oil. The so-called mineral oil that Is produced along with oil in the oil extraction accessories, the price Is relatively low. Semi-synthetic motor oil, between mineral oil and synthetic oil to mineral oil-based and add a large number of synthetic motor oil additives, can provide better lubrication cleaning effect, the price Is relatively affordable, to provide for the common sedan excellent protection. The full synthetic oil Is extracted are all artificial, synthetic lubricants.

for the majority of the working class, semi-synthetic oil Is everyone’s first choice. Affordable and cost-effective. Well, semi-synthetic oil in the market Is the best-selling it? While the relatively high cost of it? Here you organize the ten semi-synthetic oil good reputation. Whether the maintenance novice or veteran, the most comprehensive want to provide valuable information for you. Allowing you to spend less money wasted able to get the maximum benefits. Let’s see what the oil brands on the lIst, right.

First: Shell Helix HX6 semi-synthetic 10W-40 4L yellow shell, Recommended reason: it Is a help clean and protect, as well as lower oil engine noIse, which uses a unique power clean technologies, sludge removal efficiency Is twice as mineral oil, and it can enhance oxidative stability, 19% higher than other mainstream products to protect the efficiency of the use of synthetic techniques. Also have a low vIscosity, high fluidity, low friction characterIstics. And the brand Is has a natural advantage. Rightfully won the ringleader of the position.

Second: Poon SONIC7000 SL 10W-40, Recommended reason: the use of molecular hydrogen static Hydrogen Molecule (HM) formulation, effectively reduce oil volatility, the VI improving, strengthening thermal stability, increased oxidation stability; using strong friction modifiers, to improve friction and reduce wear, reduce fuel consumption, improves engine power, so the corresponding life of the engine has been well protected. So most garages Will be recommended.

ThirdName: Fox versatile synthetic Car engine oil lubricants 5W-40 4L, Recommended reason: Fox ThIs product uses the scientific formulation of environmental protection system, with a better high temperature stability and low temperature fluidity, and shear stability, can be stabilized escort 6000-8000 km. The brand Is often used for racing. For engine protection Is very good, for those who prefer violence to drive a friend.

Fourth: Total fast Chi 7000 FUT semi-synthetic engine oil SN / GF-5 5W30 4L, Recommended reason: Japanese, European and American Cars most good choice, extended drain intervals, relatively robust oil film protection, anti-wear performance Is relatively good, the vehicle Is started smoothly after use. So we won the favor of most Japanese and European and American owners.

Fifth: Fox Titan super semi-synthetic oil 5W-30 4L, Recommended reason: to get Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi’s first oil and after-sales service oil. That means the purchase of the majority of the above-mentioned four models of the initial oil Is it. Terms of quality German engineering, we can say that Is the quality of the brand.

Sixth: Lung Poon SONIC8000SM 5W-40 semi-synthetic engine oil 4L, Recommended reason: recommended for use in the South, Lung Poon series of oil in the North cold winter use, then there Will be a cold start noIse Will be a little bit bigger, Why would rank thIs location because a purchase of more than 2 a barrel, then the price Will be relatively low. Cost, then more cost effective. So thIs oil sales Is very good, first choice for many owners of Japan and South Korea.

Seventh: LUKOIL Luke Il 10W-40 semi-synthetic lubricants SJ grade 1L imported from Russia, Recommended reason: Luke Doyle Russia largest oil suppliers and well-known brands, Luke Doyle original lubricant in accelerating upgrade and enhance the sense of pushing back, lubrication, fuel economy, noIse reduction, ease the effect of burning oil has a significant aspect. And Lung Poon contrary, excellent low-temperature startup performance, accelerate power increase significantly. It Is recommended northern friends can try thIs oil. After all, fighting the national brands. trustworthy.

Eighth: IST 5W30 semi-synthetic Car suitable for NIssan Honda Car engine oil Four Seasons, Recommended reason: As Asia export Cars in the country has a considerable proportion of Japan’s oil, not elaborate, for Japanese Cars Is the most appropriate use of thIs oil.

Ninth: semi-synthetic oil KUNLUN Tianrun high-performance engine oil KR8 5W-30 3.5KG, Recommended reason: domestic oil, as in the petrochemical under the brand quality Is no doubt that we made in U.S. Is the most suitable for the domestic market. The dIsadvantage Is the price too expensive, but give way and everyone’s patriotic feelings ah.

Tenth: Granville Shield Black Shield semi-synthetic oil series 10W-40 4L, Recommended reason: the BritIsh oil brand, for the BritIsh gentleman “noble oil “BritIsh Car and as” low key “synonymous. Just enter the country soon, the advantage of not being in the market of counterfeit fakes. Unlike other brands, fakes everywhere, so if you buy Is safe to use.

Conclusion: Oil Automobile body Is called the flow of “blood”, if a popular blood shortage, poor mental outlook Will be easy to premature aging, but also Car By the same token. ThIs Is not the best oil in the world, only the most suitable! But while oil Is so important, but people understand they are few. Indeed, oil now many brands, models varied, as ordinary consumers simply do not know Which to buy fIshes, but the oil did not choose everyone thought it would be difficult to see just one or two values ​​Is enough! How to choose Car maintenance oil lubricants? ThIs article was written before. I want to help owners.