Car Maintenance in four places do not be fooled! In fact, you do not need!

Car Is the most indIspensable maintenance, and routine maintenance Is very important for the Car, the saying goes, Is the third by the Car repair, seven by raIsing. We generally go 4S shop to do maintenance, the service personnel are generally responsible, but there are some places to pay attention, believe it may spend unnecessary money.

First, the tires. If your tire Is broken, you can put the spare tire yourself first, and then to the 4S shop to replace the tire. But in the tire Is not completely damaged, for example, only to be sharp object punctured such, do not lIsten to the words of the service staff directly for the entire tire, so the situation may be partially repaired, of course, if the owner does not trust the words on the exchange.

Second, change the coolant. ThIs estimate has met many of my friends, doing maintenance when do regular oil changes, some employees would say with the way the coolant but also to change it, thIs time Is the direct owners generally agreed. In fact, if the coolant Is not contaminated, or mileage over 100,000 outside Is no need to replace, and it really Is to spend a money wasted.

Third, the replacement of air filters. Air filter does Is to check regularly replaced because there are often some of the contaminants, the dust and the like Will be blocked, but not every time I go to replace, basically a year to replace a can, and usually pay attention to clean can!

Fourth, the use refurbIshed parts. ThIs Is to say after the 4S shop to clean up old Car parts to repair other clean as new to hIs Car loaded. ThIs time we should take a long look at the eye-point, old parts in itself life Is short, so the replacement more diligent.