Car Maintenance errors? If you can avoid these types of on the line, do not waste money!

vehicle maintenance errors? If you can avoid these types of on the line, do not waste money!

to know that although we now every family has a Car, but everyday life for the maintenance of the Car can be, Is something every owner must we go through, but there are many owners do not know which part of the maintenance vehicle to the repair shop, they all obey the arrangements, then we certainly Will increase the cost, then Xiaobian to introduce maintenance of an Automobile, it Is the most no use of maintenance projects, if the maintenance of the master to tell you these things require maintenance, then it needs to pay attention, do not be Kengpian.

ThIs Is our Car’s tires, although we tire Is an important constituent of our Car, and wear and certainly great, but to the 4s shop, then, If you Care to make tires, wax polIsh, then thIs one Is not required, because although looking at the very heart on the surface, but the Car’s tire wear Is not irreversible, it’s just a consumable, to a time Will be directly replaced, then Why should we consume unnecessary for him to do? Only need to wait until the change of the time for replacement Is good, there Is no need for maintenance.

The second Is our air cleaning project, if in the case of air conditioning use every day, and many of our owners might go special wash, but cleaning air conditioning Is very troublesome, it Is necessary to individually clean air of many components. Master If find it too much trouble would not be so Careful to clean, just spray the cleaning agent into our air inlet, open the outer loop it Automatically runs on it, if thIs Is the case, their own hands to clean up, definitely when you want to save effort ah, do not spend more than 200 dollars in vain to repair the factory to see some of them perfunctory.

The third engine Is the depth of our Care, maybe thIs one Is very important, but if you Care to tell small series of the case, we own at home can also be Carried out thIs operation, do not need to go to 4s shops, because thIs only need to wash liquid into the engine, so the Car to start the vehicle idleSpeed ‚Äč‚Äčabout 10 minutes on it, what Is completely without 4s shop called professional approach Carried out.

The last one Is to clean the oil, you know thIs Is the maintenance of the Car, we have to follow the quality of domestic gasoline, Car run 40,000 kilometers when you can clean up, but there are some four s store for their benefit, he said the Car ran 10,000 km or 20,000 km when it Is necessary to clean up, but also may be cleaned coercion us to I know regular cleaning oil Will damage some of the parts of our vehicles, not cleaning the better, so that Is not often recommend such cleaning.

you pay attention to the main Car, went to the four 4s shop maintenance, must be Carefully observed, Do not lIsten to them suggestions on casual consumer in them, after all, Is not easy to make money, have the money to eat good, good point to wear more than okay, to know more about Car maintenance knowledge, we have to guard against waste of money, if in doubt then, you can also comment Xiao Bian do more to answer your questions.