Car Maintenance do not know want to change the engine oil, recommended that owners look at these four points, there Is no concern

now too much Car ownership, a lot of people are not Car enthusiasts, the Car purely as a means of transport. Driving Manual in accordance with the requirements to maintain, obey 4S shop 5000 km or 10,000 km maintenance time. For others ask yourself what are the maintenance, they are generally said to change the oil. Do we have the same feeling? In fact, for the maintenance of the Car Is not so simple, there Is also a need to pay special attention to four points, we with a look.

oil to be replaced for each vehicle maintenance Will be, and the Car’s maintenance cycle has a direct relationship with the loss of oil. Some Cars need maintenance once some 5000 kilometers Is 10,000 km maintenance time, and there Is also a mystery, in general, most Japanese Car maintenance cycle Is 5000 km, while the European Car Is 10,000 km. If you want to track specific reasons, later we Will specifically talk about thIs Issue, which Is related to the semi-synthetic oil Is fully synthetic motor oil of the problem.

really mentioned vehicle maintenance, Is not as simple as just changing the oil. As it Is now autumn comes, the Car also pay special attention, if maintenance at thIs time, we need to pay attention to seasonal problems that need attention. So the tires Will be different thIs time with the summer comes to tire problems, I believe we are exceptionally cheer, mainly because it Is also the highway occupy more than 70% of accidents can be said to have tires in the world. Summer tires should not be too full of gas, mainly to easy flat tire temperature Is too high, and the fall Is different. Especially in the north thIs time the weather has been very cool, more cool gust of wind burst of argument, so thIs time we should have enough tires tire pressure.

range specified tire pressure, we can see their driving manual, or crevices in the door to see the driver’s seat. When the tire can fall as far as possible toward the maximum, you Will find more fuel-efficient. Also the maximum tire pressure recovery time should also note that there are no injuries and scratches, as well as the relative air pressure Will be larger, air leaks and punctures phenomenon Will be more obvious. Also need to check the tire timely. In the 4S shop maintenance time, it would be when the Car rose up and see the inner wall of four tiresOh, it Is not normal.

Air conditioning Is also very important part of many people drive a long time Will find air conditioning not cold enough, or power consumption Is also significantly increased. These are supposed to tell their own air conditioning cleaning, and generally cleaned once half a year can be air-conditioned, in the 4S shop to replace the air filter when it Will, but we still need the Car wash, the cold rinse them up Is taken down. If they do not know which Is the condenser, let’s help the Car wash employees, in addition to the blower to remove dust Is processed.

I believe many people opened the Car two or three years, I do not know how to open the hood, for thIs white, in the 4S shop maintenance when you can let the master under teach how to open the lid. By the way, ask yourself what liquid Is inside what role, general maintenance Will put these liquid supplement to a reasonable level. ThIs time the engine compartment Will find a lot of bugs and leaves, etc., which have a certain effect on the Car’s cooling Will be. I often open the hood to or necessary under the clean up, and then the way to check a variety of liquid level just learned, Is also the engine compartment with a cloth to wipe it. Remember to twIst back the water, and otherwIse water directly to the engine compartment. If you just have to wait a long time driving the temperature down and recheck the best time to check Is usually parked in fact time Is it.

The last point Is that after a summer of baptIsm, there are some areas the typhoon struck, after irradiation plus high temperatures and sun, but also have some influence on the finIsh . Generally, we do not recommend you also deal with Car wax and seal the glaze, but if you have had three or four years, then after such beauty maintenance Carried out, or make the Car a fresh look. When such a short season, full to their Car a little maintenance now, there Will be surprIses.

After these four steps, Is not that hIs Car seemed to open up more fuel-efficient of it, then the action bar, next time let’s talk chat maintenance problem areas.