Car Maintenance Do not ignore these four places! The owners do not know to look at!

Is an Automotive repair and maintenance knowledge. Many people lack knowledge of Car maintenance. As long as maintenance, thrown into the 4S shop bin. Car maintenance Is not just waxing or oil change. The following four components need to be replaced regularly, otherwIse it Is easy to go wrong.

First, the brake specific oil

Brake hydraulic brake consumes oil. In the vehicle Is in motion, the temperature Will rIse in the brake system, brake fluid Will change accordingly. A long time without changing dedicated brake oil pipe Will result in vapor lock and brake failure. Therefore, during maintenance, remember to check the special brake oil and change them regularly.

Second, constant velocity joints

ThIs part of the transmIssion system of the Car Is very important. Its function Is to prevent dust from entering. ThIs part of maintenance should use special high temperature lubricants, otherwIse serious crash.

Third, brake wheel cylinder

ThIs Is a vehicle brake system Is an indIspensable part. A metal material easy to rust. If you do not replace a long time, it could lead to brake system abnormalities.

Fourth, the spark plug

Is very important for the engine spark plug. Spark plugs of different materials have different replacement cycles. Typically, platinum spark plugs need to be replaced once the material Is about 50,000 km. Iridium spark plugs can be materials 100,000 km for once. If you neglect to maintain the spark plugs, the engine Will over time be adversely affected.

vehicle maintenance Is comprehensive, when more than four aging of components to be replaced, or would pose a threat to the safety Car and driving. I do not know maintenance knowledge of friends should pay more attention to vehicle maintenance in the future.