Car Maintenance Do not ignore these aspects, the owners have to find out!

Although now the owner of the Car occupied a large part of life, by some owners as “family,” but no matter how they Care, they Will forget some routine maintenance Issues, but did not take any measures to maintain in their eyes . In fact, ordinary maintenance Is very simple, but some people have forgotten.

Many people have noticed that different people Will feel the Car’s appearance. If some of the same price the Car look bad, they give people a cheap feel. On the contrary, those very flattering look better Cars. In addition, the owner noticed while driving out the beautiful appearance of the Car Is very proud, and some owners did not notice the appearance of the Car. While many Car wash their Car, but they do not properly clean their interior. In general, we Will wait until it Is clear that when the Car dust clean.

Many Car owners Will work as a means of transport. Nowadays, most people only after the family Will have to buy a Car. In general, sitting behind the driver’s seat of the child Is very restless. They Will be moving around in hIs seat, eating snacks. Later, when the Car Is not in use, the doors and windows closed. When the food in the Car and the Car does not flow, it Is easy to breed bacteria. If the Car within the health handled properly, it Is easy to cold, especially for physically inferior to adult children. Even though they are not infected, poor air also makes them a bit sick. Seat, steering wheel and floor mats can easily be dirty. Many people motion sickness are due to violent operations inside the vehicle and the bad air.

wipers, thIs kind of thing Is always in front of the owners, but many people forget wipers. While wiping the windshield wipers and hIs Car wash, but hIs attention was not particularly strong. Wipers do not have because usually, only on rainy days. Many people think they only use on a rainy day, so do not need maintenance. But they are also a life. Wipers generally replaced once a year and a half. Even if not used, the wipers are aging. For your own safety, when the wipers can not be brushed away the rain, do not continue to use it.

power source Is an engine fuel tank. If the tank IsOil evaporated, then the “big heart” Will follow “strike.” Not only the tank, but also to prevent evaporation of the water tank, which Is necessary. Evaporation summer, winter frost. The reason some owners in the winter often turn off the fuel tank Is frozen, need to be repeated several times in order to start the Car.

Meanwhile, the maintenance of the engine Is also very important. Some owners Will only pay attention to the engine when the generator has a problem, because they are a bit lazy, usually do not open the engine compartment without problems to be checked. In any case, the health of the engine should be properly handled. Do not patronize thIs Car look beautiful, forget the “big heart” of health. If a long time without cleaning, can contaminate the surrounding environment, damage to surrounding engine parts.