Car Maintenance do not do these silly, many novices do not know, I know regret it later!

vehicle maintenance do not do these silly, many novices do not know, I know regret it later!

As people continue to live better, to buy a Car a lot more people, but many of my friends feel that after buying the Car aftermarket Do regular maintenance, there Is no problem to problem 4s, thIs idea Is very undesirable, because every once in a while to maintain once, can effectively prevent the reduction of life of the vehicle, but every time we go to 4s shop maintenance, 4s shop but would recommend some of our assorted maintenance items, in fact, many are the project Is tasteless, many beginners do not know, then how come together to hear the old master said, do not know regret it later!

First, a first spark plug, the spark plug I believe we Will be very understanding of the role, it Is the equivalent of a lighter, if not maintained for a long time Will find that beat the fire, or the engine shake these Issues, which represents the spark plugs need to be replaced, but every time I go there are owners said maintenance, 4s shop it Is recommended to replace the spark plugs, white do not understand their own, so we changed, thIs Is certainly fooled you, because there are three types of spark plugs, spark plugs are nickel and platinum spark plugs iridium spark plugs, different kinds of life are different, so the owners to be absolutely on their own understanding of the Car’s spark plug, and understand their own in the end with what a spark plug, so you can estimate the approximate life of the spark plug, so 4s shop can not fooled you!

The second Is to clean up Carbon deposits, after the Car drove over time Will produce coke, coke if the Car too much, can cause abnormal sound Car severe or occur excessive vehicle emIssions, Is currently a lot of gasoline has now added a cleaning substance, so the problem of excessive Carbon deposits rarely, if just to 4s shops to buy a Car soon asked for you to clean up Carbon deposits, then most you may also be fooled, so thIs time to pay special attention!

The third Is to clean up the air conditioner, Automobile air conditioning use Is one of the least configuration. Because in the heat of summer a year Is not much time, only one of the four points of the year, only thIs time it was open air, so there Is no clean-up once a yearWhat Is the problem, but if every time you go to 4s shop maintenance when they are asking you to clean up, then that Is totally fooled you, and it Is also very easy to clean air conditioning, their own operations can, unnecessary waste of money.

The fourth Is to add an additive, adding the additive to 4s shops do not absolutely, because if the Car needs to be replaced additive, then to the outside repair shop Will be cheaper, but also outside repair shop professional Is not worse than the 4s shop.

The last one Is on tire maintenance, and tire as the most fragile things, to pay more attention to the outside, because the tire Is a consumable, if they think the tires have a problem, you can be directly replaced, without having to go to 4s maintenance.