Car Maintenance as possible? These acts do not need, do not wasting money!

vehicle maintenance as possible? These acts do not need, do not wasting money!

With the rapid development of our national economy, people’s living conditions have been greatly improved, and now the people of life’s also getting better and better, so many people Once you have a certain economic base, we Will choose to buy a private Car to travel as usual means of transport. Now the Car has also been integrated into our daily lives, for our trip provides a great convenience, and now we can see vehicles traveling on the road Is more and more, so now the pressure of traffic on the road Is very large, especially the time to rush hour or on a holiday, are often able to see clogging occurs. There are already many families have their own private Car, it usually owners of their Car Is very cherIshed, Will also often do some maintenance to the vehicle, so that it can make a more lasting safe operation of the vehicle for us provide good service. Although Car ownership Is now in constant rIse, but there are a lot of people still do not understand the vehicle, so often there Will be some excessive maintenance or maintenance Is not in place so that the phenomenon of the Car Is very good, today to talk the maintenance of those things that you talk to, the better Car maintenance? In fact, these behaviors Is not necessary, they must not waste money, and here we take a look at it.

We all know that if you want a Car more lasting security of a well-functioning, to maintain its normal working condition, so proper maintenance Is essential things, and now the owner of the vehicle are very Care, so the time to do maintenance to the Car are also very positive, but there are a lot of Car owners for their own do not understand, or that Is due to eager Car so Will feel more frequent maintenance must be done more, the better the vehicle, in fact, thIs idea Is not correct. Because both excessive maintenance or maintenance Is not in place, hIs Car would not play any good results, so if you have the following excessive maintenance behavior, then you need to stop immediately.

1, add too much oil

Only the importance of vehicle Needless to say too much, we all know within the vehicle engine lubrication, sealing, cooling and cleaning, etc., which all rely on oil can, but although very important, it does not represent the vehicle add oil as possible, if there’s a new Car add too much oil, then the engine at work, crank handle connecting rod big end Will produce severe agitation, so also increases the power loss inside the engine, and It Will allow excess oil spilled on the phenomenon of burning oil on the cylinder wall, so to add oil vehicle most correct approach should be, the engine oil sump between the upper and lower control line dipstick engraved on it , so as to allow the Car to maintain the best performance among the states in the process of moving.

2, blind gasoline additives

Now type gasoline additives and detergents Is marketed in very and more, so manufacturers have also caught the owners for their vehicles are very Care of the psychological, propaganda began to add their own how much gasoline additive. But for whether or not to use a gasoline additive, but also need to combine your own vehicle to be able to decide the case, if blindly use some gasoline additive, it Is likely to cause counterproductive phenomenon.

3, frequent oil changes

For those who do not buy a Car maintenance 1st inexperienced, when 4s shop called hIs people that need Care, they would very anxious that if recognition of their vehicles, then certainly there Will be some problems, in fact, such an approach Is completely unnecessary, we only need to open the manual Car and then look at how manufacturers indicated above specified maintenance period, and then follow the above criteria Will be strictly enforced, and nothing to worry about problems. After

4, paint maintenance

In many owners just bought a new Car, Will be anxious to own vehicle to do some decorative pieces, give yourself to someone else’s Car waxing, coating, after plating crystal, looks just bought a new Car look brighter than their own, so it Is moving from the idea that, althoughRan said that waxing can indeed play a protective effect of the paint, but also to the Car waxing can not operate too often, because there are some of these substances belong to some of the most alkaline substance, if long-term use, then, Will cause some erosion of their paint, paint waxing year to a maximum of three entirely possible. I do not know what maintenance experience it? Xiao Bian also welcome message to share.