Car Maintenance and major maintenance small maintenance, what does thIs mean? There are tricky!

a large maintenance vehicle maintenance and small maintenance, what does thIs mean? There are tricky!

We all know that the Car in the course of, presumably, Will cause some wear and tear, and therefore, after traveling a certain time or mileage, in order to ensure performance and safety of the vehicle, the Car Will need to be maintained. However, due to the different vehicle models or use different materials, such as oil grade, level, etc., but also the maintenance period there Will be differences. For example, the validity of mineral oil Is 5000 km or three months, valid semi-synthetic oil Is 7500 km or six months, valid fully synthetic motor oil Is 10,000 km or one year. Of course, we can prevail in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

want to drive fancy Cars and have to learn to maintenance, vehicle after traveling a certain time or mileage, in order to ensure the performance and safety of the vehicle, specified by the manufacturer routine maintenance and inspection items. The Car needs regular maintenance to maintain good operational performance. Generally, we Will have a fixed time to go maintenance. But you know what the main vehicle maintenance program to do it? Maintenance cycle of different projects Is how long? In addition to the fixed project, what project we have to do it?

In summary, a first maintenance. In the new Car owners to buy as many doubts among the first insurance in the end who to lIsten to? Have to say … five thousand, three thousand, how to run, how fuel-efficient, and so many problems! First maintenance: Do not worry too much and do not Care too much, three thousand, five thousand kilometers were the first insurance are not affected much (or six months) during the first insurance Is to running a new engine to adapt to the various components of adaptive capacity, running 120km per hour during the best or less, it Is best to run several high-speed (Car case may be) long down 3,5 one thousand replaced it, no conclusion or fuel oil costs during the run-in, the uncertainty of thIs period.

so we all know that Car maintenance Is divided into large and small maintenance projects. Little maintenance Is done most projects typically include Automotive oil, three filters and so on. Oil replacement Car maintenance Is even more commonplace. As lubricants Car, the main role Is played Automotive oil profits or,Cooling and shock absorption cushioning effect. Generally km 10000-12000 download all be replaced.

little maintenance, which means that, in order to guarantee performance of the vehicle, at a specified time and mileage (3 months or 5,000 km ), routine maintenance of the vehicle project, mainly to replace the engine oil and filter, it Is now clear yet, if it Is to do small maintenance, we must ask the maintenance of these two, how much oil, if there are remaining (leftover to take home for the next reuse), machine filter whether to replace? And the like and so on!

say that major maintenance, Car after driving a certain number of kilometers (for example, 30,000 kilometers or more), you need to be large to maintain the entire vehicle, including the whole Car oil, such as brakes oil, steering oil, transmIssion oil, and so, of course, some may be from the replacement, there Is antifreeze, timing belt and tire (wheel alignment), brake pads, etc. safety components also need to check and maintain the look of .

There may be properly installed oil filter process to avoid contamination of the engine oil, and preventing wear of moving parts of the oil plug. Yang Yu Bao Car to remind you: When changing the oil must also replace the oil filter, otherwIse it Will affect the quality of lubricating oil. Oil and oil filter replacement cycle Is generally 5000 km.

because the engine Is the core of the Car, there Is no good engine Car certainly does not work, the Car Is not normal driving, it usually must be more based on the corresponding index engine to view, but also pay attention to the rational use of oil, remove Carbon deposits engage in more work on the engine, otherwIse it Will cause it to not work properly, affecting the power play, the engine if the maintenance Is not in place, it Will obviously feel the Car driving lack of motivation, and therefore several aspects of the engine itself, oil, Carbon and other clean-up should pay more attention, so as to ensure that the Cars have teeth young at heart.

erupted know what Is the first insurance, small maintenance and major maintenance of it! Just mentioning a new Car, a need to run, not only Is the condition itself, there are DivIsionThe standard of driving machine needs to further adjust. Overall, vehicle maintenance must be done, it can not go beyond time, not anxious, not to do, but before maintenance must understand, and do not spend money wasted. Easy to buy a Car, keep them bother and money! The key thing Is that we simply do not know the owner, said it might be a simple maintenance knowledge we all know that too many internal things! In short refrain fuss overhaul small problems, do not altogether turning a blind eye that he learn more knowledge Is always good!

so you can maximize cost savings vehicles. If the economy allows, many owners usually 3 – Direct replacement upgrade the Car about four years.