Car Maintenance and little knowledge! Read custody helpful?

vehicle maintenance go 4S or repair shop

have Car maintenance Is a big Issue, maintenance a Car knows that if the go 4s the advantage Is a good shop store environment, you can wait for maintenance, usually you do not have to worry about. However bad the place Is a bit like a little expensive maintenance, especially the master of time charge, easy to additional consumption of various other species. Repair shop, then simply, Is cheap, good place Is poor environment, technology Is not the same, there Is even an apprentice, there Is no certain guarantee the maintenance of the security of your Car, the other Car owners know I need some maintenance knowledge, for example, select the Automobile materials, construction methods, and so on.

to the need of maintenance 4s

In addition, some special cases Is a certain need to 4s shop maintenance, such as a few 4s best to go before the warranty period, if there Is a problem once, then you can call them compensation. There Is a niche Car or selling fewer models to best 4s, at least when dIsmantling more professional and more people Will not be any problems. In addition, if you do not bad money, then went to 4s shop, at least the service environment to better it. Just remember to buy a Car, then we must go to 4s shop maintenance, in general, to send a maintenance, you do not go white, you can also save money, you change the oil in the case, they can buy themselves out of the total synthesIs can, one might also save 100-150 dollars. Furthermore, in order to avoid to prevent problems during the warranty period, we must first ensure the 4s shop to do, over a 3-year warranty can choose to go outside maintenance. ThIs Is the safest one of the most appropriate ways to save money but also protect the Car can be maintained in place. Faithful Car, I wonder if you previously encountered such a situation: When a Car needs to be replaced parts, service personnel, and you said to have been a warranty, so if the imported Car then it Is best to stores to maintenance.

concluded Xiao Bian

However, everything Is not absolute. Others did not lie to me, I made it clear to profit, but I still think he’s not telling the truth, people Will be very sad, I began back inAfter playing tricks, really sad reminder ah. Today, people are not afraid to spend more money, for fear that I think he earned my money, but in fact he did not tell the truth I really made a lot of money, cause I only spent the money and energy spent most critical yes, the Car after maintenance Is finIshed do not know exactly what Care what place, which people very upset, mainly by themselves still do not know what way to protect their own interests, but silent people are unaware of their efforts to maintain the interest Is not legitimate. You Will encounter such a situation?