Car Maintenance and a common sense, and how many owners understand?

for the majority of Car owners, Car start, thIs Is tantamount to declaring the goods for their own private, Will be excellent to cherIsh, naturally it goes without saying. However, there Is a problem has always exIsted, namely: a common sense Car maintenance, vehicle owners and know how much?

maintenance of good, just two or three years, the Car still like new Cars generally do not say, hedge against inflation Is high, the control condition Is good, resold, the price Is not It Will go low.

So, learn to master knowledge of Car maintenance, it Will avoid the pit does not say, but also to know more about the Car, it Is really important ah. Well, here it Is said that maintenance of common sense about eight Cars.

frequency of replacement oil

in three oil.

Mineral oil: oil Is the worst, a lot of magazines, after oil, such as gasoline and heavy oil extracted remaining oil. (Recommended owners Careful selection and identification)

semi-synthetic: there are a lot of oil additives including preservatives, antioxidants and the like.

Full synthetic oil: oil Is the best, a lot of raw material components are added, can effectively improve the good lubricity and stability of the engine.

Four important filter

oil filter: the replacement cycle may oil to keep the frequency with time.

air filter: long-suppressed change, a breeding ground for bacteria, dirt accumulation, unpleasant odor. Although replaced once a year all right, it Is recommended that, before winter and open in summer, for the best.

fuel filter: mileage according to thIs, a 10,000 -2 ten thousand km change, all right.

air filter: ThIs can be more lasting, normal, or 20,000 kilometers 1–2 years a change.

a tire using the time

In general 50,000-80,000 km, the depth of the tire tread wear a lot, when less than 1.6mm, to be safe, consider replacing. Although, there are around a lot of tire wear pattern Is very serious, and not replace, but there are also rIsks, ah, Paul allowed, at very high temperatures on the way, on a flat tire!

period brake oil

Some Car owners, Car for seven or eight years have all right, he had a contempt for brake fluid. If think so, think again. Brake fluid and brake-related, determine the factor of safety Issues while driving, prudent, still have to be replaced.

In general, the replacement cycle Is about 3 years or 60,000 km, whichever comes first. Environmental impact by humidity, need to get replaced every two years.

nature, depending on the model, the replacement cycle Will be different, you can view the accurate maintenance manual.

the importance of brake pads

determines the brakes while driving Car owners safety factor, some people suggested that 3-4 ten thousand kilometers have to change; some people say, can also be 4-6 ten thousand kilometers.

Actually, the set depending on the situation, the thickness of the new brake pads Is about 1.5cm, and the use of brake pads, a thickness less than 0.5cm, it has to be replaced. Furthermore, the use of the process, the brakes if there Is abnormal sound, the owner can feel Is out, and the technological innovation of Automotive systems, Will also Issue a prompt alert.

timing belt life:

timing belt, as the engine valve an important part of the system, connected to the crankshaft, but also with a certain gear ratio to ensure that the inlet, the accuracy of the time of the exhaust gas.

timing belt, short life than metal gears, belts exposed outside the engine, over time, the surface of the belt Will begin to age, or even a crack. Belt slipping and other Issues, the consequences of aging Will cause the belt after the break: Top-valve engine, then, valve, pIston, crank these components Will scrap it.

antifreeze coolant

component antifreeze coolant liquid, containing special additives , the effectiveness Is important for liquid-cooled engine cooling system.

having a winter chilling preparedness, preparedness boiling summer, can be protected against freezing and bursting radiator or an engine cylinder head. And also the annual prevent scale, corrosion and other excellent properties.

replacement cycle, typically one to two years, good condition, a slight delay years are possible, depending on the vehicle condition.

The spark plug

to said oil of an Automobile blood Automobile engine heart, and the heart of the engine Is the spark plug. Start the engine requires spark plug ignition and ignition.

a large role in the spark plug, the ignition coil Is the high voltage generated into the engine cylinder, the spark plug gap Is generated between the electrodes of a spark ignition gas mixture.

platinum spark plug and two kinds of sub-resIstors, the resIstance of life Is generally about 20,000 km, the life of platinum of about 40,000 km. Selective, depending on the owners themselves may be.