Car Maintenance all know, but have ignored its maintenance, easy to operate!

vehicle maintenance all know, but have ignored its maintenance, easy to operate!

With the current rapid development of society, people’s economic level Is higher and higher, the number of Cars on the road we have traveled from to be able to see it, but for many owners Is not true think now a lot of Car owners become maintenance problems, a lot of people know that the Car after a long time Is the need to change the oil, but do not know how the other aspects of maintenance to do, and today we are speaking about some tips, let after the owners themselves can encounter maintenance, because some small problems do not need to go to the garage for repair.

The first Is the maintenance of the Car cooler, we all know that long-term needs to be replaced, but not value for water tanks, here I want to say Is also a water tank very important, because the protective layer of the tank above the liquid, which prevents the intrusion of ions, the ion generating prevent acid into achieve the cooling effect, as well as the most important function of rust, so for many Car owners, longer a washing time, a time of about six months, after completion of the washing solution was added to the cooling water tank, which can be fixed to the cooler maintenance, and that they can be completed.

then Is a way to clean the tank, many times owners are too lazy to do it yourself, in fact, thIs very simple tank cleaning, general cleaning in the shop Will use clean agents and alkaline cleaners with clean, so Is the need to be cleaned once in six months, but we can also do it yourself, just start the engine, and the air conditioning switch Is turned on when the engine Is shut down work at the highest point, which Is the prevention and control water, add water washed again, in reverse direction of water flow can be washed several times to reciprocally done.

Another point Is small problems, we drove a long time, you Will find signs of water tank vehicle Will leak, we would if he would do it yourself but under normal circumstances the owners are going 4s repair shop, in fact, such a solution Is very simple, that Is when the water tank leakage in case of use of a water tank called Stop leak on it, because thIs kind of thing Is you can accelerate the solidification of the solidified filling in vulnerable sectors, so you canTo allow the tank leakage situation Is not there, clothed yourself, but also to omit a large fee it.

In fact, many people are concerned about the Care and maintenance of the engine, to Issue the tank Is often overlooked because usually for the water tank Is not quite in contact, so once the water tank appear What Is the problem, it Will go 4S shop to repair, I never asked which place what’s wrong, do not ask how to solve, in fact, in-store and repair their own hands Is the same, what Is plus or detergent Putty and the like, these things they buy cheaper, after driving when there Is a problem but also to repair their own, can not call it a trailer to drag repair shop.