Understand these car maintenance knowledge, your car can live for five years

What Is a Car? Your Car Is like a small daughter, she Is good you like it. In real life, we have a lot of drivers do not understand their Car in any state Is stable performance or security rIsk? Of course, we are not Auto repair shop, who can not read doorway, but we can do regular maintenance to let us keep the Car in good working condition.

Car Is not timely Care what happens?

1. The cost of oil, a foreign company has been doing a spark plug maintenance pilot project and concluded that the need to adjust the maintenance of the Car, when adjusted to the technical specifications of the Car factory, you get 11.36% fuel saving effect, but also with a new spark plug as it gained an average of 3% fuel saving effect, but we do not need new, simply clean fuel can play a certain effect. .

2 reduce emIssions, the company also plans to test proves: After maintenance, the dIscharge of Carbon monoxide than when idling Car driving by an average of 45.37%.

3. defects on probability would be much higher, Car after use of a certain number of miles, some movement of the structure members of the chassIs and the engine there may be excessive wear, such as cracks Will tire cause ablation flat tire, brake pads can result in sudden brake failure and so on.

Car maintenance There are what?

1. Changing the oil filter. We all know that the role of oil, to lubricate motor sport vice, in fact, there are other effects, including heat, seals, rust, cleaning, etc., in which the friction Is to clean the particulate matter removed, so that movement more stable and secure. There are three engine oil, mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil, fully synthetic oil. Mineral oil Is cheap, two hundred years, there was, and now the market has not a sale; semi-synthetic oil Is the most mainstream of the Car now, there are Shell, Mobil, Castrol, Total, Great Wall, the difference Is not large molecular diameter and only a certain percentage of oil content dIstinction, 5000-7000 using mileage in km; synthetic oil fraction ratio of semi-synthetic oilSub more delicate, better vIscosity and fluidity, of course, more complicated process, the use of 8000-10000 km mileage.

2. Replace the air filter, air conditioner filter, air filter function Is to remove dust in the air, there Is no change in time cause the intake air amount Is not Chang, causing speed do not increase the cost of oil, idle shaking so on. Air conditioning air filter Is the guarantee to ensure the cleanliness of the room, replacing the mileage Is generally around 20000-25000 km.

3. replace the spark plug, the spark plugs are consumables, and ensure that the engine ignition spark plug, the spark plug should always pay attention to quality, to replace a generally 20,000 km.

4. Further, brake fluid, brakes, gearbox oil, battery, throttle valve, fuel injectors and other components, in the conventional maintenance test items belong, depending maintenance situation.

vehicle maintenance point of view Is also popular, especially the increase in private Car ownership, Car maintenance and improvement of all aspects of the reform are maintenance points are also increasing gradually, after all, a Cars are generally worth about 100 thousand yuan or more, Is also an important family property. Whether it Is cosmetic or Car repair, the streets really everywhere. Today’s theme Is quickly know how to maintain the Car’s total sentence Is thIs: not only to maintain the so-called maintenance and conservation of Italy, through inspection, adjustment, fastening, lubrication, replacement and other operations to keep the vehicle in good working condition.