Too many car maintenance routines, intends to maintain friends attention, do not be pit!

I believe we have all heard of “buying a Car easy to keep a Car difficult,” thIs sentence. In fact, about Car maintenance routine Is very much today, I Will come and we talk about Car maintenance topic, especially for those new to white, it must be in the process of maintenance Beware into the 4S shop pit. Too many Car maintenance routines, intends to maintain friends attention, do not be pit!

First: replace damaged tire

All components in Automobile tires the most direct contact with a part of the ground, so that the quality of the tire Will determine the owners of driving safety. Let’s say for some of the problems encountered tire of it, under normal circumstances because of tire puncture was stabbed nails or sharp objects on the road, they encounter such a problem, we should first put on the spare tire to the nearest time 4S shop maintenance, unless the side of the tire was cut by sharp objects, causing the tire can not be repaired, do not believe in the 4S shop staff, let you change a tire. Tires not our imagination so fragile, tire repair can not spend much money, but to change a tire Is not the same, at every turn Will be able to reach a thousand dollars.

Second: change the coolant

We to the 4S shop repair time, there Is often a staff member suggested that we change the oil, replace the oil in the process, they Will “smoothly” we recommend replacing the coolant. First of all, we need to understand what a coolant Is, in fact, the cooling liquid Is a mixture of water and antifreeze, degrading way degrading way coolant and oil Is completely different, and its replacement frequency Is also very different, in general, under unless the coolant Is contaminated, or Cars with more than 100,000 kilometers, Will consider replacement, if our Car did not meet these two conditions. First, it should not replace or good.

Third: Replace preventive oil

Prevention I believe there are many owners of oil had heard, to the 4S shop maintenance at the time, I believe 4S shop staff told you must, in order to prevent the occurrence of a situation, advance replacement of thIs oil would be better. In fact, things are not so, and now the Car does not need frequent replacement of engine oil, and lubricating oil Is much better effect than its pre-lubricating effect, under normal circumstances in 5000-10000 km replacement once, no need to lIsten to the 4S shop staff, replace what prevention oil.