To understand these driving, car maintenance basic common sense!

Car maintenance Is designated period of Automotive parts inspection, cleaning, supplies, lubrication, adjustment or replacement of certain parts of the preventive work, also known as Car maintenance.

modern Car maintenance consIsts mainly of an engine system (engine), transmIssion systems, air conditioning systems, cooling systems, fuel systems, power steering systems and other maintenance range.


Car maintenance Is to keep the Car clean and tidy, normal technical condition, eliminate hidden dangers and prevent malfunction, slow down the degradation process, extend the life cycle.

First, the oil change

How often replaced once the oil? Every time how much oil needs to be replaced? The amount of the oil change intervals and Is a matter of particular concern to everyone, the most direct Is to see hIs lorry maintenance manual, the above generally have very clear presentation. But there are a lot of people’s maintenance manual has long been out of sight, then you have to find out a lot of understanding. Generally, oil change intervals of 5,000 km, and the replacement cycle specific dosage should be determined according to vehicle information.

Not all models are suitable for owners of yourself oil change, but we can learn to see the oil gauge, in order to determine whether the oil was time to replace. Also, change the oil while the oil filter must be replaced.

Second, the use of antifreeze knowledge

Preferably antifreeze used throughout the year, in addition to the function of antifreeze coolant, antifreeze action also clean, rust, corrosion reduce corrosion of the tank, to protect the engine. Note to pick the right color of antifreeze, do not mix.

Third, the brake fluid to use common sense

function brake system with brake fluid closely linked, at the time of check and replace the brake pads, brake dIscs and other hardware, do not forget to see if you need to add brake fluid replacement.

Fourth, the transmIssion oil

In order to ensure the Car to flexible, should always check the transmIssion fluid, gear oil, whether or Automatic transmIssion oil, should pay attention to oil product model, generally speaking are on high.

maintenance projects

dailyWhat Car maintenance project? The Car Is a very large complex machinery, mechanical parts in each run Will inevitably produce wear, coupled with the impact of external factors of human, environment, resulting in the loss of the Car. According to the Car’s driving conditions, vehicle manufacturers Will develop appropriate maintenance projects, common maintenance items, what does?

project a small maintenance

a small maintenance of content:

a small maintenance generally refers to the Car after traveling a certain dIstance, for the protection of vehicle performance in the specified time or mileage vendors do routine maintenance items. Including replacement of oil and oil filter.

Small maintenance intervals:

Small valid time depends on the maintenance time or mileage oil filter and the oil used. Levels of different brands of mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil, synthetic oil validity are not the same, please refer to the manufacturer’s recommended prevail. Oil filters generally divided into conventional and long-acting are two, to replace conventional oil filter with random oil, long oil filters last longer.

a small maintenance of supplies:

1, oil Is oil the engine Is running. Can play a role in lubrication, cleaning, cooling, sealing, less wear on the engine and the like. Engine parts to reduce wear and prolong the service life of great significance.

2, oil filter machine Is the oil filter element. The oil contain a certain amount of gum, impurities, water and an additive; during engine operation, the metal shavings generated by friction of the components, impurities in the air intake objects, oxides oil, oil filter are filtered. If the oil Is not filtered directly into the oil circulation, it Will adversely affect the performance and life of the engine.

Project II major maintenance

major maintenance of content:

major maintenance refers to the content specified manufacturers time or mileage, made for Change the oil and oil filter, air filter, fuel filter of routine maintenance.

major maintenance intervals:

Great Care and maintenance Is based on the presence of small, generally two alternately maintenance. Interval due to differences in brands vary, please also specifically recommended by the manufacturer shall prevail.

Great CareThe articles:

In addition to replacing the oil and oil filter outside the Car as well as major maintenance in the following two items:

1, air filter

during operation of the engine to suck in the large amount of air intake, if the air Is not filtered, the dust which accelerates wear of the cylinder and pIston group. Larger particles entering between the pIston and the cylinder, can also cause serious “pull-cylinder” phenomenon. Action of the air filter Is to filter out dust in the air, particles, to ensure a sufficient amount into the cylinder, clean air.

2, fuel filter

Function fuel filter to provide a clean engine oil, water and gas filter out impurities. So that the engine achieve optimum performance, but also for the engine offers the best protection.

Generally, when the vehicle maintenance Is performed, the operator Will do the other depending on the circumstances of the Car to check, but also to add other maintenance item, such as checking engine associated positioning system cleaning maintenance inspection, the tire, each of the fastening check like member.

routine maintenance

That routine maintenance routine maintenance, Is out of the bus before and after, driving, the Car received a job, the responsibility of the driver execution, content operations center Is clean, supplies and security review, Is to maintain the normal operating condition of the vehicle regularly, must work. Maintenance Is a professional service company responsible for the implementation, operations center in addition to the content of routine maintenance work outside, to clean, lubricate, tighten-based, and inspection of the braking, steering and other safety components. Two maintenance by a professional maintenance company Is responsible for the implementation, operations center in addition to the contents of an outside maintenance work, in order to check and adjust the main and dIsmantling tires, a tire rotation. Detection and diagnosIs should be assessed prior art two maintenance, according to the results to determine additional repair work or small items, for binding together two maintenance. Maintenance cycle at all levels, depending on the Car type and operating conditions.

routine Car maintenance Is very important. Not only slight effect on the daily maintenance of the vehicle Will cause unnecessary damage and endanger traffic safety. The lubricating oil can cause lack of pull-cylinder bush-burning, a certain part of a vehicle malfunction cited traffic accidents; on the contrary, if the daily work done Carefully, not only make the new vehicle remains constant, while master the technical condition of the various parts of the vehicle, to avoid machinery and traffic accidents.

In fact, routine maintenance work Is very simple, summed up in: cleaning, tightening, check the supplement.

a cleaning

air contains a lot of dust, sand, and an acidic substance, not easily leaked fuel adhesion, easily formed at a high temperature baking hard insulation, heat dIssipation Is deteriorated mechanical properties, and easy absorption by the body to erode the paint surface electrostatically, it prematurely fade.

1, clean air filter

The air cleaner steep contamination can impede fresh air into the cylinder, resulting in too thick bonding, incomplete combustion, power down, the exhaust gas exceeded. Modern air filter generally used paper filter, the cleaning Note: do not wash with water or oil, it should be used and the method was purged Pat. Method i.e. tapping gently tapping the filter end face, so that dust off. I.e. inside was purged with compressed air purged out of the Cartridge, air pressure: the force should not exceed 0.3N / Pa

2, cleaning oil filter

confusion oil filter Is clogged, Will impede the flow of lubricating oil, the engine poor lubrication, increased wear and even bush-burning and so on. To thIs end, it should be cleaned or replaced regularly. Usually every traveling replaced every 8000km, if the climate Is dry. It should be replaced once shortened to 5 000km.

3, cleaning the battery

Modern Car maintenance-free batteries are generally first cleaned top of the battery, the electrolytic solution by avoiding inter-pole short circuit or other impurities; Second cleaning battery posts, linker prevent poor contact caused by the formation of oxides. Vents should be clear, in order to avoid pressure within the battery temperature Is too high or the hand burst.

Second, the fastening


clean vehicle, it Is necessary to fasten each connection. As the vehicle Is running vibrations, bumps, swing and other reasons, it Will inevitably lead to loose connections, wear and tear. Therefore, routine maintenance to be fastened in a timely manner. Daily fastening member operatively connected directly related to traffic safety, in particular, Is an important component steering, braking, transmIssion, etc., must not be taken lightly.

1. First, each hose connector fastening around the engine, preventing leakage of oil.

2, followed by fastening the connector and each line of the electrical equipment, prevent dIsconnection, short circuit, electrical grounding, etc. EffectsNormal operation of the device.

3, again, the main connecting member fastened checked. The generator drive belt, the steering linkage braking device connection point, the drive train and tires.

Third, check

After the connection member Is fastened, the height and shellfIsh l check the quality of the oil, because the liquid Will be at a high temperature gradual loss and reduce the surface oxidation and lead to performance degradation

1, check the battery level with a height of 5 N 6mm diameter tube, adding liquid outlet from the vertical force to the contact with the screen, with closing the upper end of the tube to live thumb, lift pipe, measuring the height of the liquid column height Is the battery level, the standard should be 10 N 15mm.

2, check the oil level height of the

Remove the cold Car dipstick, after wiping, into the bottom of the oil pan, the height should be observed between the vertically reticle . Hot Car should turn off, all the oil flowing into the oil pan after waiting for measurement.

3, coolant check the coolant liquid level in the cold water tank Car should be full, the expansion tank should be between the liquid level height marking. Liquid level should be slightly higher hot Car superscript

4, check the brake fluid, a steering fluid level height of the

unscrew the bolt, direct observation of the liquid level in a predetermined range whether or reticle Inside.

5, to check the quality of the oil

Regardless of the oil, can be checked using the following method.

(1) Appearance Method: See fluid sample Is removed, if more transparent, indicating that the contamination Is not serious; if mIst Is impregnated with oil in water; if gray, or lead may be other abrasive pollution; if black, the high temperature exhaust gas Is contaminated.

(2) diffusion method: The sample withdrawn fluid drop on the filter paper, and if the oil droplet wide diffusion region and the diffusion region no significant difference, indicating that the cleanliness of the oil well; otherwIse clean oil Is poor.

Fourth, the supplement

1, oil supplements


to check if the oil Is not found significant deterioration, should find leaks , if any should be excluded, and timely make up the same level of oil.

2, fluid replacement

When the replacement period exceeds or oil deterioration, should be replaced.

Generally every six months with 8000km or replaced once the oil; 20,000 with every million km, or 2 to 4 years to replace a brake fluid; l – 2 years to replace a cooling liquid; every one year or with replace the hydraulic oil thousands of meters.